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Tsentral'nyi derzhavnyi naukovo-tekhnichnyi arkhiv Ukraïny (TsDNTA Ukraïny)

Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi nauchno-tekhnicheskii arkhiv Ukrainy (TsGNTA Ukrainy)
[Central State Archive of Scientific and Technical Documentation of Ukraine]

Agency: HAU Ukraïny
Address: 310003, Kharkivs'ka oblast', Kharkiv, vul. Universytets'ka, 4
Telephone: 22-75-66
Hours: M-F 9:00-17:00
Director Olena Mykolaïvna Mashchenko (tel. (0572) 22-75-66)

The archive was established in December 1969, following the model of the all-union TsGANTD SSSR formed in 1967 in Kuibyshev (earlier and now Samara). TsDNTA Ukraïny serves as a centralized repository for all specialized documentation relating to the development of science and technology in Ukraine. In particular it retains engineering and construction plans that require special handling. Such documentation comes in part from state scientific and technical research institutions, metallurgical works and from major construction enterprises. Separate documentary groups or complexes (the archive does not use fonds) are the technical plans for various hydroelectric stations, shipbuilding projects, turbine-testing equipment and tractors, and major municipal construction complexes. There are also some personal papers of important Ukrainian scientists and engineers.

Access: Most of the documentation is open for research. Researchers should present an official letter from their sponsoring institution.

Published Description: See PKG Archives: Ukraine (1988), pp. 599-600.

See the list of fonds in O sostave i soderzhanii dokumentov, khraniashchikhsia v gosudarstvennykh arkhivakh nauchno-tekhnicheskoi dokumentatsii, compiled by I. I. Pakhomchik; edited by R. I. Moshniatskaia et. al. (Kuibyshev, 1986) "Informatsionnyi biulleten' [GAU; TsGANTD SSSR]," vol. 1.

Record last updated: March 3, 1998

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