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Tsentral'nyi derzhavnyi istorychnyi arkhiv Ukraïny, Kyïv (TsDIAK Ukraïny/ TsDIA-K)

Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi istoricheskii arkhiv Ukrainy, Kiev (TsGIAK Ukrainy/ TsGIA-K)
[Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine, Kyiv]

Agency: HAU Ukraïny
Address: 252601, Kyïv, vul. Solom"ians'ka, 24
Telephone: 277-30-02; RdngRm: 277-82-22
Hours: MThSa 9:15-17:00; TuWF 9:15-19:00 (Summer: closed Sa)
Director: Liubov Zakharivna Histsova
Previous names:

Tsentral'nyi derzhavnyi istorychnyi arkhiv URSR u m. Kyievi (TsDIA URSR u m. Kyievi)
(Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi istoricheskii arkhiv UkrSSR v g. Kieve (TsGIA UkrSSR v g. Kieve)
[Central State Historical Archive of the UkrSSR in Kyiv]
Tsentral'nyi derzhavnyi istorychnyi arkhiv URSR (TsDIA URSR)
(Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi istoricheskii arkhiv UkrSSR-TsGIA UkrSSR)
[Central State Historical Archive of the UkrSSR]

As organized in 1941 and under the archival reform of December 1943, the archive was officially called the Central State Historical Archive of the UkrSSR (after 1948, in Kyiv). At that time it consolidated prerevolutionary historical records previously held in the Kyiv Central Archive of Early Acts (founded in 1852 under Kyiv University), the Kyiv Oblast Historical Archive (part of the holdings from which served as the basis of the State Archive of Kyiv Oblast-see K-15), and the prerevolutionary holdings of the Central Archive of the Revolution (TsAR) in Kharkiv. In 1971, when it was transferred from the buildings adjacent to St. Sophia Cathedral to its present home, it absorbed the holdings in the former Branch of the Central State Historical Archive in Kharkiv.

TsDIAK serves as a consolidated repository for all prerevolutionary records of general Ukrainian national-level significance, except for those originating in the western oblasts. TsDIAK has brought together virtually all pre-nineteenth-century records and miscellaneous historical documentation from both Left-Bank and Right-Bank Ukraine earlier stored in local historical archives. Nineteenth- and early twentieth-century guberniia-level records, however, remain stored in those state oblast archives now organized in former Russian imperial guberniia administrative centers.

TsDIAK has developed a large microfilm collection of documents regarding Ukrainian history and culture with copies of documentation in various institutions in Russia and abroad.

Access: All of fonds in the archive are available to researchers. Researchers should present an official letter from their sponsoring institution addressed to the director and obtain her endorsement.

General Guide: See PKG Archives: Ukraine (1988), pp. 163232.

Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi istoricheskii arkhiv USSR v Kieve: Putevoditel'. Compiled by O. M. Apanovych (E. M. Apanovych), A. V. Bondarevskii, and M. A. Varshavchik. Edited by A. V. Bondarevskii, L. M. Otlivanova, S. D. Pil'kevych, and V. I. Sheludchenko. Kyiv: TsDIA URSR, 1958. 348 p. (Lib: MH) [microfice ed.: IDC-R-14,350]

Now considerably out of date and incomplete, covering only approximately half the fonds in the archive, this guide is supplemented by a 1986 unpublished list of fonds (see below), including those that have been recently declassified and those transferred to other archives. The rich library holdings listed now form part of the HAU Central Library.

"Dopolneniia k putevoditeliu po TsGIA UkrSSR v g. Kieve"/ "Dodatok do putivnyka [po TsDIA URSS v m. Kyive]." Compiled by V. S. Konavalova. Kyiv, 1986. 86 p. Typescript. [TsGIA UkrSSR v g. Kieve]

Originally classified for "service use only" (DSP), this supplement to the 1958 guide provides an unannotated list of 50% more than were covered in the guide itself, including many of those that were previously classified. The 867 fonds covered are divided under rubrics and are particularly rich in those from the period immediately before the 1917 October Revolution. Collections brought together by the archive are listed separately (p. 67), including those brought together after the 1958 guide appeared, as are personal and family fonds (pp. 56-65). Includes a list of fonds transferred to other archives, predominantly the Kyiv City Archive (K-?) with their new fond numbers. There is also a separate list of microfilm collections of materials relating to Ukrainian history acquired from other archives in the Soviet Union and abroad.

Record last updated: August 30, 1997

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