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Tsentral'nyi derzhavnyi arkhiv hromads'kykh ob"iednan' Ukraïny (TsDAHO Ukraïny)

Tsentral'nyi gosudarstvennyi arkhiv obshchestvennykh organizatsii Ukrainy (TsGAOO Ukrainy)
[Central State Archive of Public Organizations]

Agency: HAU Ukraïny
Address: 252011, Kyïv, vul. Kutuzova, 8
Telephone: 295-55-16; Fax: 295-76-42; RdngRm: 295-48-31
Hours: M-F 9:00-17:30
Acting Director: Borys Vasilevych Ivanenko (tel. 295-73-22; 295-55-16)
Previous names:

Arkhiv TsK Kompartii Ukraïny (Arkhiv KPU)
Arkhiv TsK Kompartii Ukrainy (Arkhiv KPU)
[Archive of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine]
Partiinyi arkhiv Instytutu istorii partii pry TsK Kompartii Ukraïny--Filial Instytutu Marksyzmu-Leninizmu pry TsK KPRS (Arkhiv KPU)
Partiinyi arkhiv Instituta istorii partii pri TsK Kompartii Ukrainy--Filial Instituta Marksizma-Leninizma pri TsK KPSS (Arkhiv KPU)
[Party Archive of the Institute of Party History under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine--Branch of the Central Party Archive of the Institute of Marxism-Leninism under the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the USSR]

Heir to the republic-level archival holdings of the Communist Party of the Ukrainian SSR, the Central State Archive of Public Organizations (TsDAHO Ukraïny) dates its origin to the Central Archive of the Revolution (TsAR), which was established in 1921 in Kharkiv under the Central Archival Administration of the UkrSSR and subsequently the Unified Party Archive (Iedynyi partiinyi arkhiv), which was established in 1929.

The republic-level Party archive was moved to Kyiv in 1936, but many post-1933 agency records had not been transferred to the archive before the Nazi invasion. Many of those agency records and over 90% of the holdings in the archive itself were intentionally destroyed by CP orders in the summer of 1941, when evacuation by Soviet authorities was impossible after the Nazi invasion. The archive was reorganized and expanded after World War II as the central hub of a network of CP archives in Ukraine.

TsDAHO now houses the records of the Ukrainian Communist Party Central Committee and of the Central Committee of the Komsomol, as well as records of various Party political departments, educational establishments, and Komsomol organizations, along with the personal papers of many prominent Ukrainian Party leaders.

There are fonds for documentation of partisan groups during World War II, materials of the Ukrainian nationalist movement in 1939-1947, and fonds of political revolutionary-democratic organizations in Ukraine (1918-1920). The collections from the Museum of the Struggle for Ukrainian Liberation (Muzei vyzvol'noï borot'by Ukraïny) in Prague and some related émigré fonds recently tranferred from security service archives are particularly rich in personal papers and fonds of Ukrainian émigré organizations during the interwar period.

Recently TsDAHO has acquired many important files from the former Ukrainian KGB archive, namely files on individuals who were repressed from the 1920s through the 1950s and who were subsequently rehabilitated.

Access: Most of fonds in the archive are now open to researchers. Researchers should present an official letter to the director from their sponsoring institution.

Recent General Guide:See PKG Archives: Ukraine (1988), pp. 290-95.

Tsentral'nyi derzhavnyi arkhiv hromads'kykh ob"iednan' Ukraïny: Putivnyk-dovidnyk. Edited by R. Ia. Pyrih et al. Kyiv, forthcoming.

A comprehensive guide to the archive has recently been completed, but funds have not yet been found for its publication. Until a publication agreement has been signed, the guide cannot be made available to researchers.

Record last updated: August 30, 1997

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