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Derzhavnyi arkhiv L'vivs'koi oblasti (DALO)

Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv L'vovskoi oblasti (GALO)
[State Archive of Lviv Oblast]

Agency: HAU Ukraïny
Address: 290008, L'viv, vul. Pidval'na, 13
Telephone: (0322) 72-00-30
Hours: TuFSat 9:00-18:00, MWTh 12:00-20:00
Director: Viacheslav Ivanovych Kutsynda (tel. 72-00-30)
Previous names:

1939-1941, 1944-1991:
Partiinyi arkhiv L'vivs'koho oblasnoho komitetu KPU
[Party Archive of the Lviv Oblast Committee CPU]
Derzhavnyi arkhiv L'vivs'koï oblasti (DALO)
Gosudarstvennyi arkhiv L'vovskoi oblasti (GALO)
[State Archive of Lviv Oblast]

The State Archive of Lviv Oblast (DALO) was formed in 1939 after the establishment of the Soviet rule in Western Ukraine on the basis of Lviv City Archive (Archiwum Miejskie) under Polish rule. From 1944 to 1956 it was known as the Lviv Oblast State Historical Archive (L'vivs'kyi oblasnyi derzhavnyi istorychnyi arkhiv), and between 1960 and 1982 it was named the Lviv Oblast State Archive (L'vivs'kyi oblasnyi derzhavnyi arkhiv). In 1977, the archive took jurisdiction of the holdings previously held by its branch archive in Sambir, after that branch was dissolved as a separate archive; earlier the Sambir branch had been the oblast archive for what had been the separate Drohobych Oblast); by 1984 all its earlier holdings were transferred to Lviv and integrated into DALO.

Since 1992, DALO includes, as a separate division, the holdings from the former local Party Archive of the Lviv Oblast Committee of the Communist Party of Ukraine. Initially established in 1939, most of the local Party archive holdings were destroyed in the summer of 1941, but the archive was reestablished and expanded after World War II to embrace all the local records of Party agencies and CP units within other agencies throughout Lviv Oblast.

DALO now serves as a centralized permanent repository for local records pertaining to the present territory of Lviv Oblast from the end of the eighteenth century, with groups of fonds covering the Austrian (1772-1918), Polish (1919-1939), and Soviet periods.

Access: Almost all previously classified materials have now been declassified. Researchers should present an official letter from their institution or sponsoring institution in Ukraine.

General Guide: See PKG Archives: Ukraine (1988), pp. 486-99.

L'vivs'kyi oblasnyi derzhavnyi arkhiv: Putivnyk. Compiled by V. I. Kotel'nikova et al. Edited by B. K. Dudykevych et al. Lviv: Kameniar, 1965. 375 p. [IDC-R-14,416] (Lib: MH)
Different sections describe holdings from the Austrian, Polish, and Soviet periods, with brief characterizations of the most important fonds with a list of additional fonds (pp. 300-32). Includes a brief description of the library. A few fonds from the Polish period (1919-1939) have since been transferred to TsDIAL. Does not cover the CP records from the Lviv CP archive.

Filial L'vivs'koho oblasnoho derzhavnoho arkhivu u Sambori: Putivnyk. Compiled by E. A. Dubilevs'kyi et al. Edited by I. L. Butych . Lviv: Knyzhkovo-zhurnal'ne vyd-vo, 1962. [microfiche ed.: IDC-R-14,419] (Lib: MH)

The guide covers the holdings from the former Drohovych Oblast State Archive (1939-1941; 1944-1959) in Sambir, which, following the abolition of Drohovych Oblast in 1959, became a branch of DALO. Since the fonds were incorporated in DALO and transferred to Lviv, most of the fond numbers have been changed, but the earlier guide still describes those records.

Record last updated: August 30, 1997

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