Gross outputs of agricultural products produced in the first quarter 1998 compared to the respective period of the previous year were down 8.8%, including a 21.5% decline of outputs of the public sector; and a 2.9% decline of outputs of the private sector. The volume of agricultural output produced in January 1998 amounted to UAH 720 mln, and that produced in January-February -- to UAH 1,329 mln.

Table 3
Livestock Production by Categories of Entities in the I Quarter 1998

ProductAll categories of entitiesPublic sectorPrivate sector
19981998 to 1997, %19981998 to 1997, %19981998 to 1997, %
All kinds of meat (in live weight) th. tons662.581.5182.159.8480.494.6
Milk, thousand tons 2185.897.291892.3267.8101.2
Eggs, mln.s2057.695.6825.188.0232.5101.5

Table 4
Number of Heads of Cattle by Categories of Entities, as of 1 Jan 1997 and 1 April 1998, mln heads

AnimalsAll categories of entitiesPublic sectorPrivate sector
Including cows6.
Sheep and goats3.

As of early April 1998, there were 35,900 agricultural farms in Ukraine with 940,800 hectares of agricultural holdings, including 867,100 hectares of arable land (26 ha per farm and 24 ha per farm, respectively).

According to a forecast of the Ministry of Agro-industrial Complex of Ukraine, 37 mln tons of crops will be harvested in Ukraine in 1998, including 20 mln tons of wheat (in 1997, the yield of crops was 35.7 mln tons, including 18 mln ton of wheat); 22 mln tons of sugarbeet (17 mln tons in 1997); and 2.8 mln tons of sun flowers seeds (the same as in 1997). This favorable estimate is based on the good weather conditions for spring field planting due to the late arrival of spring.

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