According to preliminary estimates, the volume of nominal GDP in the first quarter 1998 totaled UAH 20,556 mln, in March - UAH 750 mln.

Compared to the first quarter 1997, the real GDP decreased by 0.2% in the first quarter 1998, while in March 1998 compared to the respective period of the previous year it increased by 0.2%. In the first quarter 1998, there was an increase in outputs of goods and services as well as in gross value added.

The increases inoutputs of goods and services were 1.7% and 1.9%, respectively, in industry; 1.9% and 2.1% in construction; and 1.7% and 2.1% in transportation and communications.

The GDP deflator was 1.1 in the first quarter 1998.

Table 1

Output of Major Industrial Products
ProductI quarterMarch 1998Change in I Quarter 98 compared to I Quarter 98,%
Electric power, bln. kWt/hours50.216.9- 2.4
Oil, thousand tons978338- 4.6
Coal, mln. Tons16.45.88.8
Natural gas, bln. m3
Iron ore, mln. tons
Manganese ore, mln. tons0.70.23.7
Pig iron5.21.910.4
Steel, mln. tons6.42.38.5
Final rolled metal, mln. tons4.51.6- 0.5
Steel tubes, thousand tons385160- 20.5
Excavators, units883823.9
Tractors, units719332- 19.9
Automobiles, units190479671.7
Synthetic ammonia, thousand tons960368- 10.8
Sulfuric acid, thousand tons324108- 3.6
Calcinated soda10937.541.5
Mineral fertilizers, thousand tons457156-27.3
Chemical thread and fiber, thousand tons6.72.2- 5.4
Automibile tires, thousand units209774321.4
Cement, thousand tons7873575.6
Textiles, million m221.78.615.8
Knitted fabric, million units1.40.6- 35.6
Footwear, million pairs2.30.9- 4.3
Meat, thousand tons52.518.7- 48.4
Butter, thousand tons124.68.3
Milk, thousand tons129471.1
Oil, thousand tons12028.818.1
Cereal, thousand tons80.230.521.4
Bread and bakery goods, thousand tons568199- 10.0
Canned food, million of tins (potential capacity)14157.415.3
Refrigerators, thousand units98.635.6140.4
Washing machines, thousand units34.912.52.7

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