Industrial Output

In the first quarter of 1998, industrial enterprises produced goods worth UAH 18.5 bln.. Industrial output increased versus the first quarter of the previous year by 1.7% (in 1997, there was a 0.6% decrease in industrial output).

In March 1998, an incremental increase was achieved both in comparison with February 1998 (by 12.5%) and March 1997 (1.5%).

Sixty percent of industrial enterprises increased their outputs and 26.4% of enterprises experienced decreases. In January 1998, 19.5% industrial enterprises stand idle, in February there was 17% of such enterprises and in March -- only 14.4%.

In the first quarter 1998, the volume of consumer goods produced was up 2.4% compared to the respective period of the previous year amounting to UAH 2.9 bln in current wholesale prices. Consumer foodstuff production dropped by 8.5% and non-foodstuff production increased by 12.0%. Alcoholic beverages were up 41.0%.

Table 2

Outputs of Industrial Products in Major Sectors in the First Quarter 1998

SectorChange, %
March 1998 to February 19981 Quarter, 1998 to 1 Quarter, 1997
Industry in general12.51.7
Ferrous metallurgy17.74.1
Non-ferrous metallurgy7.815.2
Chemical and oil-chemical 11.912.0
Machine-building and metal works13.0- 3.8
Wood, woodworking and pulp-and-paper8.625.7
Construction materials26.414.9
Food12.1- 3.8

In March compared to the previous month, industrial outputs grew in all the regions of Ukraine (oblasts and large cities).

Between January and March 1998, industrial enterprises realized industrial goods worth UAH 17 bln; out of this amount, 41% (UAH 7 bln) of goods were realized on a barter basis (up 2.5 percent points compared to January-February).

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