Gross output of agricultural products produced in January-April 1998 totaled UAH 3,670 mln (down 2.3% in real terms compared to the respective period of the previous year), including UAH 1560 mln in April.

Table 3
Livestock Production by Categories of Entities in January-April 1998

All categories of entities Including public sector
19981998 to 1997, %1998 to 1997, %1998
All kinds of meat (in live weight), thousand tons908.483240.161
Milk, thousand tons 3334.7991309.695
Eggs, millions3108.598081.990

Table 4
Number of Heads of Main Kinds of Animals, as of 1 May 1998, thousand heads

All categories of entities Private sector
thousand heads1 May 1998 to 1 May 1997,% thousand heads1 May 1998 to 1 May 1997,%
Cattle including:13303.7878884.382
Sheep and goats2555.081988.065

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