The volume of real GDP in April 1998 compared to April 1997 increased by 0.3%. The volume of nominal GDP was UAH 7,504 mln.

In January-February 1998 compared with the respective period of the last year, the real GDP decreased by 0.1%. The volume of nominal GDP was UAH 28,060 mln. The GDP deflator was 1.1. In January-May 1998 compared with the respective period of the last year, the real GDP increased by 0.1%. The Nominal GDP was 35700 mln.UAH; in May it was 7640 mln.UAH.

According to the government's estimates, the volume of GDP in 1998 will be up 0.5% compared to 1997.

Table 1
Output of Major Industrial Products

ProductJanuary-April 1998April 1998 Change(%) compared to January-April'97
Electric power, bln. kWt/hours63.913.7- 4.1
Oil, thousand tons894222- 5.3
Coal, mln. Tons21.55.06.4
Primary Oil processing4667127414.4
Natural gas, bln. m3 599914401.2
Iron ore, mln. tons
Manganese ore, mln. tons8661802.1
Pig iron7.01.87.3
Steel, mln. tons847921234.6
Final rolled metal, mln. tons6.01.5- 4.5
Steel tubes, thousand tons514146- 22.9
Excavators, units1203244.6
Tractors, units1111392- 28.3
Automobiles, units 263673273.6
Synthetic ammonia,thousand tons1288328- 12.4
Sulfuric acid, thousand tons443119- 0.3
Calcinated soda15141.525.3
Mineral fertilizers,thousand tons628.6171.7- 26.7
Chemical thread and fiber,thousand tons 88342144- 4.9
Automibile tires, thousand units279970121.8
Cement, thousand tons12284421.9
Textiles, million m230562881414.1
Knitted fabric, 1082323- 34.1
Tricot , thousand units817208- 29.7
Footwear, million pairs3297928- 4.7
Meat, thousand tons73.120.5- 44.4
Butter, thousand tons17.85.812.4
Milk, thousand tons17745.43.8
Oil, thousand tons13918912.6
Cereal, thousand tons10727.223.0
Bread and bakery goods, thousand tons757189- 10.6
Canned food, million of tins (potential capacity)200.559.713.8
Refrigerators, thousand units13334.682.5
Washing machines, thousand units50.115.210.9

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