Incomes. Wages. Demographic Situation

In April 1998, average monthly wages were UAH 161.58, including UAH 179.49 in industry, UAH 101.74 in agriculture. The largest wages were earned by employees of nuclear power plants - UAH 403.57 and the lowest - by employees of the leather and fur-processing and footwear industry - UAH75.58.

As for the duration of increase in wage arrears, the overall arrears increased from UAH 5,336.6 mln as of 1 April 1998 to UAH 5,469.4 mln as of 1 May 1998, including the increase from UAH 759.4 mln to UAH 774.1 mln, respectively, in wage arrears pertaining to budget-sustained organizations.

The value of a consumer basket of 22 major foodstuffs decreased in early May by 0.1% and amounted to UAH 65.88 per capita.

According to the State Employment Service, 1,098.6 thousand unemployed were on record between January and April 1998. The number of persons who were granted the status of unemployed increased 1.6-fold compared to the respective period of the previous year and was 931,300.

According to the State Center for Employment of the Ministry for Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine, the level of registered unemployment was 2.85% of the able-bodied population as of 1 May 1998.

In the first quarter 1998, a trend towards a decrease in the rate of mortality appeared: according to preliminary estimates, this rate per 1,000 was 14.5 against 16.3 in the first quarter of the previous year.

As of 1 April 1998, the population of Ukraine was 50.4 million, according to estimates of the State Committee for Statistics.

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