Payments Crisis

As of 1 March 1998, the overall amount of debit indebtedness was UAH 75,820.4 mln (including UAH 72842.6 mln of inter-enterprise indebtedness within Ukraine; UAH 728.3 mln of indebtedness due to business entities from other CIS member states; and UAH 2249.5 mln of indebtedness due to entities from other foreign states). As of the same date, credit indebtedness totaled UAH 103,211.5 mln (including UAH 97825.5 mln; UAH 1,954.8 mln; and UAH 3,431.2 mln, respectively).

As of 1 April 1998, debit indebtedness amounted to UAH 82,916.2 mln (including, respectively, UAH 79,748.2 mln; UAH 786.0 mln; and UAH 2,382.0 mln), and credit indebtedness was UAH 111,534.0 mln (UAH 103,873.4 mln; UAH 3,199.5 mln; and UAH 4,461.1 mln).

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