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28 September 1978.
"Church Slavonic Literature as a System."
Robert Mathieson, Professor, Brown University.
1 cassette

5 October 1978.
"Handicrafts, Trades and Commerce in the Countryside: Kharkiv Province, 1838-1888."
Zack Deal, Harvard University, and Boston College.

12 October 1978.
"The Relative Clause in Nineteenth-Century Ukrainian."
John Barnstead, Dalhousie University.

19 October 1978.
"The Ukrainian Elite in the Eighteenth Century and Its Integration into the Rusian Nobility."
Zenon Kohut, Michigan State University.

24 October 1978.
"The Vision of Isaiah according to the Uspenskij Sbornik: A Critical Analysis of the Text."
Angiolo Danti, Professor, University of Florence, Italy.

26 October 1978.
"The Study of Folklore and Its Uses."
Joseph Szövérffy, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University.

2 November 1978.
"Greek Merchants in Odessa in the Nineteenth-Century."
Patricia Herlihy, Harvard University, and Wellesley College.

9 November 1978.
"The Social Bandit as Folk Hero: Sten'ka Razin."
Patricia A. Krafcik, Doctoral Candidate, Columbia University.

16 November 1978.
"Ottoman Northern Policy in the Seventeenth Century."
I. Metin Kunt, Professor, Bogaziçi University, Istanbul.

21 November 1978.
"Glimpses of Soviet Ukraine-A Slide Presentation."
Patricia K. Grimsted, Harvard University.

30 November 1978.
"Rus'-Islamic Relations, 800-1350: The Numismatic and Archaeological Evidence."
Thomas Noonan, Professor, University of Minnesota.

7 December 1978.
"The Origins of Ukrainian Futurism."
Oleh Ilnytzkyj, Doctoral Candidate, Slavic Languages and Literatures, Harvard University.

14 December 1978.
"The Kuban Cossacks in 1917: The Triumph of Particularism."
Olga Andriewsky, Doctoral Candidate, History, Harvard University.
"The Early Works of Sevcenko and Kostomarov."
Maxim Tarnawsky, Doctoral Candidate, Comparative Literature, Harvard University.

1 February 1979.
"Why the Galician-Volhynian Chronicle Remain Unfinished: The Demise of the Rus' Heritage in the Ukraine."
Omeljan Pritsak, Mykhailo S. Hrushevs'kyi Professor of Ukrainian History, Harvard University.

8 February 1979.
"Lviv and the Fate of Archival Records from the Pre-Partition Period of Polish Rule in Galicia."
Patricia Kennedy Grimsted, Harvard University.

15 February 1979.
"Textual Criticism and the Text of the Povest' vremennyx let."
Donald G. Ostrowski, Harvard University, and Boston College.

22 February 1979.
"A Comparative Framework for the Study of the Baroque Sermon."
Harold B. Segel, Professor, Columbia University.

1 March 1979.
"V. K. Tredjakovskij and the Church Slavonic Tradition."
Karen Rosenberg, Junior Fellow, Harvard University.

8 March 1979.
"Towns, Trade, and Artisans in Seventeenth-Century Russia: The View from Eastern Europe."
Paul Bushkovitch, Yale University.

15 March 1979.
"A Shadow Outline of Virtue: The Classical Heritage of Greek-Christian Literature (Second to the Seventh Century)."
Ihor Sevcenko, Professor, Harvard University.

22 March 1979.
"Problems in the History of Ukrainian Literary Bibliography."
Dmytro M. Shtohryn, Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

5 April 1979.
"The Women's Movement in Eastern Europe."
Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak, Professor, Manhattanville College.

12 April 1979.
"Constantine Kostenecki's Theory of Language."
Harvey Goldblatt, Yale University.

19 April 1979.
"Morality and the Carpatho-Ruthenian Immigrant Community."
Zack Deal, Harvard University.

26 April 1979.
"The Background of Polish Hasidism and the Doctrine of the Zaddik."
Mordecai L. Wilensky, Research Associate, Harvard University.

3 May 1979.
"The Ottoman Crimea in the Sixteenth Century."
Alan Fisher, Professor, Michigan State University.

10 May 1979.
"The Place of Mirgorod in the Self-Creation of Nikolai Gogol'."
Donald Fanger, Professor, Harvard University.

17 May, 1979.
"The Servitor Nobility of Volhynia after 1569.'
Wladyslaw Plenszczynski, Doctoral Candidate, History, Indiana University.

24 May, 1979.
"Value Orientations among Subgroups of Ukrainian-Americans."
Wawa Maria Baczynskyj, Smith College.

Occasional Lectures

29 September 1978.
"Reflections on Studite Monasticism."
Ljubomyr Husar, The Studion, Rome.

1 December 1978.
"Mass Political Ideological Tendencies in the West and in the Soviet Union."
Leonid Plyushch, Soviet mathematician and dissident.

11 December 1978.
"The Significance of the Unification of 1918 in Romanian History."
Virgil Candea, Academy of Social and Political Sciences, Romania.

Special Events

22-25 March 1979.
Conference: "Four Centuries of the Ukrainian Book." (10th Anniversary)
Dmytro Shtohryn, William Henry Bond, Michael Bazansky, Paul R. Magocsi, Thomas E. Bird, and Vadim Pavlovsky.

22 May 1979.
Conference: "Soviet Librarianship, Bibliography and Archival Studies."

25-28 May 1979.
Permanent Conference in Ukrainian Studies.

25 May 1979.
"Byelorussian Studies outside Belorussia." ( In Byelorussian)
Rev. Alexander Nadson, Librarian, The Francis Skaryna Byelorussian Library and Museum, London.

First Session: Social Sciences.
"Ukraine in International Relations during the Time of Mazepa."
Orest Subtelny, Hamilton College.
"Ukraine's Role in International Relations on the Eve of the First World War."
Mykhailo Voskobiynyk, Central Connecticut State College.

First Session: Bio-Bibliography.
"Ukrainian Bibliographies as Indicators of Cultural Growth."
Bohdan Strumins'kyj, Harvard University.
"Towards a Bibliography of Ukrainian Literary Criticism."
Dmytro Shtohryn, University of Illinois, Urbana.

Second Session: Bio-Bibliography.
"Ivan Levyc'kyj: The Man and the Bibliographer."
Paul R. Magocsi, Harvard University.
"The Bibliographical Work of the Shevchenko Scientific Society."
Alexander Sokolyszyn, The Brooklyn Public Library.
"The Contemporary Women's Press in the Diaspora."
Christina Yuzych, Wayne State University.

Third Session: Bio-Bibliography.
"Problems in Ukrainian Immigrant Bibliography."
Halyna Myroniuk, University of Minnesota.
"Mazepiniana in the Harvard University Library."
Bohdan Strumins'kyj, Harvard University.
"New Sources for Ukrainian Humanistic Studies: Uncatalogued Collections in Western Canada (St. Andrew's College and Mundare)."
Edward Kasinec, Harvard University.
"The Compiling of Bibliographies."
Bohdan Romanenchuk, Niagara University.

26 May 1979.
First Session: Language and Literature.
"Olexandr Bilec'kyj and Ukrainian Literary Scholarship."
Wolodymyr Zyla, Texas Tech University.
"Newly Discovered Letters of Lesja Ukrajinka."
Natalia Pazuniak, University of Pennsylvania.
"Xvyl'ovyj's Work."
Eleanor Karpynych-Adams, Temple University.

Second Session: Social Sciences.
"Metropolitan Petro Mohyla's Contribution to Ukrainian Church History."
Frank Estocin, St. Sophia's Theological Seminary.
"The Galician-Volhynian Chronicle as a Source of Byxovec' Chronicle."
George Perfecky, LaSalle College.

Second Session: Language and Literature.
"Taras Sevcenko--A Practicing Christian."
Anna Bojcun, Philadelphia.
"Historical and Philosophical Aspects of the Dramaturgy of P. Kocerha."
Stephan Chorney, State University of New York, Brockport.

Third Session: Social Sciences.
"Hetman Dorosenko's Turkish Policy."
Lubomyr Hajda, Harvard University.
"An Evaluation of the Peoples of the Soviet Union from a National and Classificational Viewpoint."
Walter Trembicky, Jersey City State College.
"Documentation on the Ukrainian Insurgent Movement of 1918-1922."
George P. Kulchycky, Youngstown State University.
"The Economic Status of Ukrainians in the United States."
John Teluk, New Haven College.

Third Session: Language and Literature.
"Methods of Teaching Ukrainian Language and Literature."
Assya Humesky.
"The Structure of Taras Sevcenko's Work."
George Grabowicz, Harvard University.
"Personal Reminiscences."
Assya Humesky, Dokia Humenna, Tatiana Kardinalowska, Dmytro Kyslycja, Hryhorij Kostjuk, Josyp Hirnjak, and George Y. Shevelov.

27 May 1979.
Fourth Session: Social Sciences.
"The Treaties of the Princely Era."
Omeljan Pritsak, Harvard University.
"The Treaties Concluded by Bohdan Xmel'nyc'kyj."
Frank Sysyn, Harvard University.
"Zaporizzja, the Hajdamak Movement, and Ukraine's Neighbors."
Zenon E. Kohut, Harvard University.