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Seminar in Ukrainian Studies

20 September 1983.
"The Russian Dissident Opposition and the Nationalities Problem." (In Russian)
Volodymyr Malenkovych, editor of Forum.

29 September 1983.
"The Origin of the Lemkos from a Linguistic Point of View."
Bohdan Struminsky, Harvard University.
2 cassettes

13 October 1983.
"Jews in the Hetmanate."
George Gajecky, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
2 cassettes

20 October 1983.
"Soviet Nationalities Policy and the Famine of 1933."
James Mace, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
2 cassettes

27 October 1983.
"Michal Czajkowski's Cossack Project during the Crimean War: An Analysis of Ideas." Ivan L. Rudnytsky, University of Alberta.
2 cassettes

3 November 1983.
"Metaphysical and Mystical Knowledge in H. Skovoroda."
Roland Pietsch.
1 cassette

10 November 1983.
"The Khmelnytskyi Uprising and the Jews."
Frank Sysyn, Harvard University.
1 cassette

17 November 1983.
"The Working Class and the National Movement in Ukraine, 1917-1930."
Bohdan Krawchenko, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, University of Alberta.
2 cassettes

8 December 1983.
"Manuscripts and Stones: Byzantine Epigraphy between the Eleventh and Fifteenth Centuries."
Ihor Sevcenko, Harvard University.
2 cassettes

9 December 1983.
"Julijana Lazarevskaja Revisited."
Julia Alessandratos, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
1 cassette

15 December 1983.
"Religious Aspects of Ukrainian School Drama of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries."
Paulina Lewin, Harvard University.
1 cassette

9 February 1984.
"Problems of the Kievan Inheritance in Russian-Ukrainian Relations: The Origins and Early Ramifications."
Jaroslav Pelensky, University of Iowa.
2 cassettes

16 February 1984.
"S.M. Stepniak-Kravchinskii and the Ideological Basis of the London Emigration."
John Bachman, National Association of Independent Schools.
1 cassette

23 February 1984.
"The Economic Prosperity of the Jews in Pinsk in the Second Third of the Nineteenth Century and its Connection with the Export Surplus Agricultural Produce from the Ukraine."
Mordekhai Navad, Head, National Archives, Hebrew University.
1 cassette

1 March 1984.
"What and Why Did the Gaulish Ruteni-Ruti Enter International Trade?"
Omeljan Pritsak, Harvard University.
1 cassette

8 March 1984.
"Dva aspekty buttja sucasnyx ukrajinciv: rusyfikacija i samoidentyfikacija." (In Ukrainian)
Arkady Lvov, writer.
1 cassette

12 March 1984.
"Collectivization and the Terror-Famine as History."
Robert Conquest, Hoover Institute.
2 cassettes

15 March 1984.
"Soviet Russia and Byzantium: Common Origin or Common Structure?"
Alexander P. Kazhdan, Dumbarton Oaks.
2 cassettes

22 March 1984.
"Fairs and Markets in Early Medieval Europe."
Peter Sawyer, University of Leeds.
2 cassettes

5 April 1984.
"Meletij Smotryc'kyj's Kazan'e (1620) as a Middle Ukrainian Document."
Stefan Pugh, Duke University.
2 cassettes

12 April 1984.
"The Life of the Byzantine Saint, George the Dekapolite (ninth century), and the Slavs."
Cyril Mango, Exeter College, Oxford.
1 cassette

19 April 1984.
"Beauplan's Description d'Ukraine : An Analysis."
A.B. Pernal, Brandon University, Manitoba.
2 cassettes

26 April 1984.
"On the Kievan Izbornik of 1073."
Horace Lunt, Harvard University.
1 cassette

10 May 1984.
"The Historian's Crafty Olga."
Ellen Hurwitz, Lafayette College.
1 cassette

17 May 1984.
"Soviet Jewish Territorial Units and Jewish-Ukrainian Relations."
Allan Kagedan, Columbia University.
2 cassettes

Special Events

8 June 1984.
"The Povest' vremennyx let and Historical Truth." (Krawciw Memorial Lecture)
Omeljan Pritsak, Harvard University.

8-10 June 1984.
Permanent Conference of Ukrainian Studies.

8 June 1984.
Myxajlo Hrusevs'kyj: On the 50th Anniversary of his Death.
"Concerning Hrusevs'kyj's Scheme of Ukrainian History."
O. Pritsak.
"Recollections of Hrusevs'kyj's Sixtieth Birthday--Kyiv, 1926."
H. Kostiuk.
"Hrusevs'kyj as Social and Political Activist."
I. Turkalo.
"Hrusevs'kyj's Role in the Organization of the Ukrainian Faction of the First and Second Duma."
M. Voskobiynyk.

"Ukrainian Literature in the German Language: A Bibliographic Survey."
O. Kravcheniuk.
"Two First Editions of Ukrainian Literature."
M. Tarnawsky.
"The Kiev Mohyla Academy: A Survey of the Major Literature."
O. Procyk.
"Jurij of Drohobyc: His Legacy and the Literature about Him."
M. Labunka.

9 June 1984.
"The Problem of Early Ukrainian-Hungarian Linguistic Relations."
B. Struminsky.
"Murray Bowen's Development Theory within the Family Therapy Perspective."
R. Robak.

"Sevcenko's 'Moskaleva krynycja'."
G. Grabowicz.
"The Works of Valerijan Pidmohyl'nyj."
M. Tarnawsky.
"Literature in the 1920s."
O. Ilnytzkyj.

"Cernihiv in the Princely Era."
V. Mezentsev.
"The Xmel'nyc'kyj Uprising in the Context of Mid-Seventeenth Century Europe."
F. Sysyn.
"The Russian Intelligentsia and the Ukrainian Question, 1890-1914."
O. Andriewsky.

The Fortieth Anniversary of the Ukrainian Supreme Liberation Council (UHVR).
"UHVR and the Problem of Ukrainian Government."
M. Prokop.
"Episodes from the Foreign Policy of the UHVR."
M. Lebed.

Dinner Address.
"The Great Famine of 1933: The Major Issues."
James Mace.

10 June 1984.
Reports on Ongoing Research.
"Ukrainian Archives."
P. Grimsted.
"Turkish Sources Concerning the Period of Hetman Dorosenko."
L. Hajda.
"Refugees and the Problems of Acculturation and Adjustment."
W. Baczynskyj.
"The Ukrainian Underground Between the Two World Wars."
L. Heretz.
"Multicultural Project."
O. Cap.