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Seminar in Ukrainian Studies

29 September 1988.
"The Orthodox Church under Pressure: Problems of Church, State and Society in the Nineteenth Century Russian Empire."
Simon Dixon, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge University.
1 cassette

6 October 1988.
"'Shadow of Forgotten Ancestors': The Supernatural in the Tale and the Film."
Roberta Reeder, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

13 October 1988.
"Cherson and the Conversion of Rus'."
Dimitri Obolensky .
1 cassette

20 October 1988.
"An Anthroponymical Study of the Ethnic Makeup of the Early Rus' Elite."
Bohdan Struminsky, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

27 October 1988.
"On Ivan Vesens'kyj and St. John Chrysostm: The Pozorisce myslennoe as a Response to the Publication of the Knyha o svjascenstvi."
Harvey Goldblatt, Associate Professor of Slavic Philology, University of Ottawa.
1 cassette

3 November 1988.
"Cossack Historiography in the Eighteenth Century: The Velychko Chronicle."
George Gajecky.

10 November 1988.
"Sobieski's Ukrainian Policy: Shortsighted or Indolence."
Andrzej Kaminski.
2 cassettes

17 November 1988.
"From Autonomy to Integration: The Absorption of the Ukrainian Hetmanate into the Russian Empire in the Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century."
Zenon Kohut.
1 cassette

1 December 1988.
"Problems of Linguistic Context in the Carpathian Region."
Janusz Rieger, Fellow, Institute of Slavic Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw.
1 cassette

8 December 1988.
"Martin Gruneweg's Notes and Pictures on a Trip through Eastern Europe in 1584: A Source on the Daily Life of Ukrainians, Russian and Armenians" (with slides).
Iaroslav Isaievych, Institute of Social Sciences, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, Lviv
1 cassette

2 February 1989.
"New Findings on the Ukrainian Famine."
James Mace, Staff Director, Congressional Commission of the Ukrainian Famine.
1 cassette

9 February 1989.
"Why Did the Metropolitan Move from Kiev to Vladimir in the Thirteenth Century?"
Don Ostrowski, Research Associate, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

16 February 1989.
"Glasnost in and about Ukrainian Archives?"
Patricia Kennedy Grimsted, Research Associate, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
2 cassettes

23 February 1989.
"Rome and the Barbarians along the Danube."
Ronald Syme, Wolfson College, University of Oxford.
1 cassette

2 March 1989.
"Olga's Visit to Constantinople."
2 cassettes

9 March 1989.
"Was There a Revolution in Seventeenth-Century Ukraine."
Frank E. Sysyn, Jacyk Center for Ukrainian Historical Research, University of Alberta.
2 cassettes

13 March 1989.
"Clans of Tatar Descent in the Muscovite Aristocracy from the Fifteenth through the Seventeenth Centuries."
Istvān Vāsāry, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and The Wilson Center, Washington, DC.
1 cassette

16 March 1989.
"The First Ukrainian Constitution of 1710: Hetman Pylyp Orlyk's Vision of the Ukrainian Past, Present, and Future."
Omeljan Pritsak, Mykhailo S. Hrushevs'kyi Professor of Ukrainian History, Harvard University.
1 cassette

23 March 1989.
"Printing, Book Trade, and Libraries in Eastern Europe in the Seventeenth Century."
Iaroslav D. Isaievych, Institute of Social Sciences, Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, Lviv.
1 cassette

6 April 1989.
"Greek Script and Slavic Script: Origins of the Glagolitic Alphabet" (with slides).
Ihor Sevcenko, Dumbarton Oaks Professor of Byzantine History and Literature, Harvard University.
1 cassette

20 April 1989.
"The Political Reforms in Poland during the Enlightenment."
JŅzef Andrzej Gierowski, Professor of History, Jagellonian University, Cracow, and Visiting Professor,
University of Connecticut.
1 cassette

27 April 1989
"From Aristocratic Household to Princely Court: Restructuring Patronage in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Europe."
Antoni Maczak, Professor of History, Warsaw University, and Visiting Professor, University of Notre Dame
2 cassettes

11 May 1989.
"Ukrainian Literature in the 1920s and 1930s: Problems of Research and Publication." Mykola Zhulynsky .
1 cassette

Occasional Lectures

1 November 1988.
"Ukraine in the World Context: A Prognosis for the Year 2000."
Bohdan Hawrylyshyn, Director, International Management Institute, Geneva.
1 cassette.

5 January 1989.
"Problems of Bilingualism in the USSR."
V. Kuxarenko, University of Odessa.
1 cassette

24 March 1989.
"Ukrainian Cinema in the Era of Glasnost'" (In Ukrainian).
Iurii Illienko, Cinematographer.
3 cassettes

28 April 1989.
"The Ivan Dujcev Center of Old Slavic Studies and Its Publication Projects."
Axinia Djurova, Ivan Dujcev Center of Old Slavic Studies, Sofia.

2 May 1989.
"Princess Ol'ga's Visit to Constantinople and the Problems of Her Baptism."
Gennadij G. Litavrin, Corresponding Member, Academy of Sciences of the USSR; National Committee of Historians of the USSR.

14 August 1989.
"Pavlo Tycyna and His Reader: Aesthetics vs. Ethics" (in Ukrainian)
Hrihorii Syvokin, Sevcenko Institute of Literature, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kyiv.
2 cassettes