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Seminar in Ukrainian Studies

29 September 1994.
Lecture Series on Ethnicity and Politics in Ukraine:
"From 'Suicidal Nationalism' to Ethnic Pluralism: The National Question in Contemporary Ukraine."
Zenovia Sochor, Associate Professor, Clark University and Research Associate, Ukrainian Research
Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

6 October 1994.
"The Vatican's Ukrainian Policy."
Andrew Sorokowski, Fellow, Ukrainian Research Institute and Managing Editor, Harvard Ukrainian Studies.

13 October 1994.
"On the Rus' Primary Chronicle: What is it About? What is its Structure?"
Horace Lunt, Samuel Hazzard Cross Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Emeritus, Harvard University.
1 cassette

20 October 1994.
Lecture Series on Ethnicity and Politics in Ukraine:
"The Crimean Tatars Today: The Reconstitution of a Nation."
Mubeyyin Altan, Crimean Tatar National Movement Organization and Editor, The Crimean Review.

27 October 1994.
"The Theater of Les' Kurbas: Aesthetics and Politics (1916-1932)."
Natalia Chechel, Senior Lecturer, Kiev Institute of Theatrical Arts, and IREX Scholar, Tufts University.
1 cassette

3 November 1994.
"How Patriarchs and Rent-Seekers Hijack the Transition to a Market Economy."
Oleh Havrylyshyn, Alternate Executive Director (Ukraine), International Monetary Fund.
1 cassette

10 November 1994.
Lecture Series on Ethnicity and Politics in Ukraine:
"The Russian Minority and the New Ukraine."
Ian Bremmer, Research Fellow, Hoover Institution, Stanford University.
1 cassette

15 November 1994.
"Ethnicity and National Politics in the Russian Federation: The Current Status of Russia's Ukrainian Community."
Oleksandr Rudenko-Desniak, President, Association of Ukrainians in Russia, Moscow.
1 cassette

8 December 1994.
"The Influence of the GPU/NKVD on the Nationality Policy in Ukraine in the 1920s and 1930s" (In Ukrainian).
Yuri Shapoval, Institute of Nationality Relations and Political Science, National Academy of Sciences, Kiev.
2 cassettes

15 December 1994.
"Ukrainians in the Czech Republic: Their History and Current Situation." (In Ukrainian)
Bohdan Zilynsky, Institute of History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
1 cassette

19 December 1994.
"The Alignment of Political Forces in Ukraine after the 1994 Elections."
Antonina Kolodiy, Associate Professor of Political Science, L'viv State Polytechnical University and Fulbright Scholar, Brown University.
1 cassette

9 February 1995.
"The Rhythm of History: Patterns and Cycles in Ukraine's Past."
Omeljan Pritsak, Mykhailo Hrushevs'kyi Professor of Ukrainian History, Emeritus and Director, Institute of Oriental Studies, National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine.
1 cassette

16 February 1995.
"Statebuilding in Contemporary Ukraine: The Challenge of Independence." (In Ukrainian)
Kostiantyn Morozov, Visiting Scholar, Ukrainian Research Institute and Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Former Minister of Defense of Ukraine.
1 cassette

23 February 1995.
"Sorry, It's Not a Picture Story: Western Media Coverage of Ukraine and Other Newly Independent States."
Robert Seely, Associate, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University and former Special Correspondent for the Washington Post in Ukraine.
1 cassette

2 March 1995.
"Prospects for Democratic and Economic Transformation in Ukraine."
Leonid Kistersky, Chief Researcher, National Institute for Strategic Studies (Kiev) and Professor, Kiev State Economics University.

9 March 1995.
"Ukraine: The Search for Security after Nuclear Weapons."
Sherman Garnett, Senior Associate, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense and Principal Director for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia.
1 cassette

16 March 1995.
"Russian Administration and Nationality Problems in Right-Bank Ukraine, 1890s-1914."
Witold Rodkiewicz, Ph.D. candidate, Department of History, Harvard University.
1 cassette

17 March 1995.
"The Current Political, Economic, and Business Climate in Ukraine."
Alexander Savchenko, Executive Director, EBRD.
Co-Sponsored with PERU.

21 March 1995.
"Russian-Chechen Conflict: Historical Parallels."
Robert Seely, Associate, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University and former Special Correspondent for the Washington Post in Ukraine.
1 cassette

23 March 1995.
"Understanding 1919: New Perspectives on Jews and the Ukrainian Revolution."
Henry Abramson, Post-Doctoral Fellow, Yeshivat Ohr-Samayach, Monsey, New York.
1 cassette

6 April 1995.
"New Vistas for Ukrainian and Russian Archives: Maximizing Information Access."
Liubov Dubrovina, Director, Institute of Manuscripts, Vernads'kyi Central Scientific Library
(TsNB) of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.
Lada Repulo, Docent, Moscow Archival Institute, Russian State University for the Humanities.
Patricia Kennedy Grimsted, Associate, Ukrainian Research Institute, and Fellow, Russian Research
Center, Harvard University.

13 April 1995.
"The Iconography of Heavenly Jerusalem in Byzantine and Rusian Art."
Alexei Lidov, Director, Center for Eastern Christian Culture, Moscow, and Visiting Member, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University (co-sponsored with the Department of Fine Arts).

21 April 1995.
"New Nation, New Relations: Ukraine's Emerging Foreign Policy." (Petryshyn Memorial Lecture) Yuri M. Shcherbak, Ambassador of Ukraine to the United States.

27 April 1995.
"Shakespeare's Sonnets in Ukrainian Translation."
Iraida Lohvyn, Assistant Professor, Kiev National University, and Visiting Scholar, Department of Linguistics, Harvard University.

4 May 1995.
"Jewish Sites of Ukraine."
Yohanan Petrovsky, International Solomon University, Kyiv.
(Sponsored jointly with Center for Jewish Studies, Ukrainian Research Institute, and the Reisman Center for Harvard-Radcliffe Hillel)

9 May 1995.
"New Configuration of Political Forces in Ukraine and Its Implication for Ukrainian Foreign Policy."
Olexiy Haran', Associate Professor, University of Kiev Mohyla Academy, and Fulbright Fellow, Harriman Institute, Columbia University.
1 cassette

18 May 1995.
"Literary Scholarship in Ukraine in the Last Five Years."
Mikhajlo K. Najenko, Dean, Philological Faculty, Kiev National University.

Summer Seminar

24 July 1995.

"The Legacy of Leonid Kravchuk and the Transition to Leonid Kuchma."
Alexander Motyl, Harriman Institute, Columbia University.
2 cassettes

"The New Configuration of Political Forces in Ukraine since the Elections of 1994."
Olexij Haran, University of Kiev Mohyla Academy.
1 cassette

"Politics and Public Opinion in Ukraine."
Elehie Natalie Skoczylas, Office of Research, USIA.
1 cassette

"Regional and Local Politics in Ukraine."
John Jaworsky, University of Waterloo.
1 cassette

25 July 1995.

"Is There a National Question in Ukraine? Problems of Interethnic Relations and Nation-building."
Adrian Karatnycky, President, Freedom House.
1 cassette

"Religion, Society and Politics in Ukraine."
Andrew Sorokowski, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

"Issues of Language and Culture in Contemporary Ukraine."
Mykola Ryabchuk, Writer, Commentator, Literary Editor of Suchasnist', Kiev.

"The Law and the Process of Legal Reform in Ukraine."
Stephen Nix, Legal Counsel, International Foundation for Electoral Systems, Kiev.
1 cassette

Roundtable: "Youthful Perspectives on Contemporary Ukraine."
Discussion involving the Summer Institute's students and teaching staff from Ukraine.

26 July 1995.

Panel: "The Current State of the Ukrainian Economy and Prospects for Economic Reforms."
Jeffrey Sachs, Department of Economics, Harvard University.
Volodymyr Lanovyj, Member of Parliament and President, Center for Market Reform, Kiev; former Minister of the Economy.
Serhiy Teryokhin, Member of Parliament and President, Ukrainian Foundation for Reform Support, Kiev.
2 cassettes

Panel: "Doing Business in Ukraine."
Walter Lupan, Ukrainian-American Bar Association.
Bohdan Pyskir, Motorola, Kiev.
Truls Enghof, Santiago Foods, Ukraine.
Margaret Daniels, Claflin Capital Management.
Volodymyr Altynnik, State Property Fund for Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine.
Volodymyr Lanovyj.
Serhiy Teryokhin.
2 cassettes

27 July 1995.

"Ukraine, Russia, and the CIS."
Roman Solchanyk, RAND.
1 cassette

Panel: "Ukraine and Its Neighbors in Eastern Europe."
Lubomyr Hajda, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
Roman Szporluk, Department of History, Harvard University.
Roman Solchanyk.
John Jaworsky.
1 cassette

"Ukrainian-American Relations."
Sherman Garnett, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
1 cassette

28 July 1995.

"Ukraine and Issues of Security: National, Regional and Global Considerations."
Kostiantyn Morozov, President, Center for the Study of Ukrainian Statehood, Kiev; former Minister of Defense.
2 cassettes

Panel: "Crimea: Its Implications for Security."
Lubomyr Hajda.
Kostiantyn Morozov.
Roman Solchanyk.
John Jaworsky.
Sherman Garnett.
1 cassette