Size: 1 handwritten manuscript (16 pp.)
Language: Ukrainian
Gift of Dmytro Nykolenko (West Roxbury, MA)

This collection contains a biographical sketch of Andrii Livytskyi (1879-1954), former head of the Government-in-exile of the Ukrainian National Republic, by Stepan Vytvytskyi.


Stepan Vytvytskyi (1884-1965) was a member of the Ukrainian National Democratic party and of the political committee which prepared the declaration of 1 November 1918 by the Ukrainian National Rada, and secretary of the Rada. As a member of the delegation from the Western Ukrainian national republic (ZUNR) to the Labor Congress in Kiev he participated in the ratification of the union of the UNR and ZUNR on 22 January 1919. He became state secretary of external affairs, and he represented the Western Province of the UNR in negotiations with the Entente for a truce with Poland. In 1919-1920 he was deputy to the head of the UNR Directory's mission in Warsaw. Vytvytskyi directed the Department of External Affairs of the ZUNR government-in-exile in Vienna, and in 1921-1923 he headed the ZUNR missions in Paris and London. He was elected president of the Government-in-exile of the UNR upon the death of Livytskyi in 1954, and re-elected at its fifth session in 1961.