Contemporary Ukraine:

Bibliography of English-Language Publications, 1991-1999

Compiled by Ksenya Kiebuzinski

Ukrainian Research Institute
Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1999

About this bibliography

The focus of this bibliography is literature published in English on contemporary Ukraine since independence. It covers a wide range of disciplines, and includes books, published and unpublished dissertations, and articles in journals and collections of works. The bibliography reflects the diverse interests of scholars working on issues related to a newly independent Ukraine. Their published work encompasses many factors contributing to the development of contemporary Ukraine, such as economics, foreign policy, military and security issues, nationalism, politics, regionalism, and state and institution building. Not all scholarly work is limited, however, to issues of policy making. This bibliography also lists scholarship on cultural and social issues, including art, education, environmental studies, historiography, literature, music, and religion.

The titles in this bibliography were compiled by reviewing recent book and serial acquisitions of the Ukrainian Research Institute's Reference Library; by examining notes and bibliographies of Ukrainian-related scholarly work; and by searching electronic catalogs and databases (i.e. Academic Index, ERIC, HOLLIS, Dissertation Abstracts, MLA Bibliography, PAIS, and Religion Index). About 80% of the titles were verified de visu, the other 20% not being readily available. The titles are arranged by main categories, for example "Culture" or "Nationality and Regional Issues," and therein alphabetically by author. The bibliography will be periodically updated. Persons wishing to add submissions to this bibliography are requested to contact me at

Ksenya Kiebuzinski
Jacyk Bibliographer
Ukrainian Research Institute

Updated 01 November 1999.


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