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URI's building in Cambridge, MAFounded in June 1973, the Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard University serves as a focal point for graduate and undergraduate students, fellows, and associates pursuing research in Ukrainian language, literature, and history as well as in anthropology, archaeology, art history, economics, political science, sociology, theology, and other disciplines. Since 1970, the Institute has held a weekly seminar in Ukrainian Studies during the academic year. It also organizes symposia and conferences on a variety of related topics. Together with the Harvard University Library, its library has one of the largest collections of Ukrainian materials in the West. The Ukrainian Studies Library contains reference materials, periodicals, and other basic resources available for use at the institute.
Since 1971, the Ukrainian Studies Summer Program has provided an opportunity for students and other interested individuals to take courses in Ukrainian language, history, literature and culture as part of the Harvard Summer School. The institute also offers a week-long Summer Seminar and the year-round Mid-Career Fellows Program for diplomats, journalists, business executives and other professionals interested in Ukraine. The institute's publication office publishes the journal, Harvard Ukrainian Studies (founded in 1977) as well as a series of book publications, including the Harvard Series in Ukrainian Studies, the Harvard Library of Early Ukrainian Literature, and Harvard Papers in Ukrainian Studies. A bulletin, Perspectives on Contemporary Ukraine is also available.

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