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7 October 1976.
"The Role of the Bosphorus Kingdom and Late Hellenism as a Basis for the Medieval Cultures of Eastern Europe."
Omeljan Pritsak, Mykhailo S. Hrushevs’kyj Professor of Ukrainian History, Harvard University.

14 October 1976.
"The Nineteenth Century in Polish History."
Stefan Kieniewicz, Professor, Committee on Historical Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences.

21 October 1976.
"Ivan Franko's Naturalism and Zola."
Boris Hlynsky, Professor, Layette College.

28 October 1976.
"The Family in Old Rus': Reassessing the Evidence."
Daniel Kaiser, Harvard University.

4 November 1976.
"Origins of the Peasantry of Xarkiv Gubernia."
Zack Deal, Vanderbilt University, and Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.

9 November 1976.
"Language Planning and Unplanning in the Ukrainian SSR."
George Y. Shevelov, Professor, Columbia University.

18 November 1976.
"The Autonomous Statehood Demands of the National Minorities in 1905-1907 as a Major Component of the Struggle for Constitutionalism in Russia."
Michael Voskobiynyk, Professor, Central Connecticut State College, and Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.

2 December 1976.
"Problems in the History of the Ukrainian Immigration to the United States."
Paul R. Magocsi, Harvard University.

7 December 1976.
"Olzyc's Creative Path." (In Ukrainian)
Michael Bazansky, Honorary Research Associate in Bibliology and Librarianship, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.

11 December 1976.
"Ceremsyna, Stefanyk, Martovyc, and Their Friendship." (In Ukrainian)
Michael Bazansky, Honorary Research Associate in Bibliology and Librarianship,
Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.

16 December 1976.
"Jurij O. Ivaniv-Mezenko and Modern Ukrainian Bibliography" (Krawciw Memorial Lecture).
Edward Kasinec, Research Bibliographer and Librarian in Ukrainian Studies, Harvard University.

17 December 1976.
"Ukrainian-Hucul Folklore in the Hasidic Legends of Rabbi Israel Ba'al-Shem-Tov."
Dov Noy, Professor, Hebrew University.

10 February 1977.
"Slavonic Manuscripts in West European Repositories and Their Microfilming.
Mateja Matejic, Professor, Professor, Ohio State University.

17 February 1977.
"Aspects of the Slavic Language Question."
Riccardo Picchio, Professor, Yale University, and Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.

24 February 1977.
"Poland after the Seventh Party Congress."
Bernard Margueritte, Correspondent, Figaro.

3 March 1977.
"Ideology and Reality in the BILU Immigration from Ukraine to Israel, 1882-1889."
Yosef Salmon, Professor, Ben Gurion University, and Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.

10 March 1977.
"A New Approach to Teaching Verbal Aspect in Ukrainian."
Michael Bourke, Tufts University, and Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.

14 March 1977.
"Heretics in the Sixteenth-Century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth."
Lech Szczucki, Professor, Polish Academy of Sciences.

17 March 1977.
"The Lithuanian Statute of 1529."
Karl von Loewe, Professor.

24 March 1977.
"The Accentual System of Ukrainian."
Horace Lunt, Professor, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Harvard University.

31 March 1977.
"The First Generation of East European Emigrés, 1700-1730."
Orest Subtelny, Professor, Hamilton College.

14 April 1977.
"The Ethnic Composition of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party in the Ukraine on the Eve of the First World War."
R.C. Elwood, Professor, Carleton University.

18 April 1977.
"The Symbolic Design of Kulis's Naradnyj Malaxij."
Walter Smyrniw, Professor, McMaster University.

21 April, 1977.
A Symposium of Anthropologists: "Farming, Herding, and Migration in Eastern Europe, 7000 B.C. to 2000 B.C.."
David B. Anthony, University of Pennsylvania.
Gloria y'Edynak, Professor, Boston University.
A.M. Ulana Klymyshyn, Professor, Wichita State University.
Ruth Tringham, Professor, Harvard University.

28 April 1977.
"Artisans and the Ukrainian National Movement in Austrian Galicia."
John-Paul Himka, University of Michigan.
"The Language Question as a Factor in the National Movement in Eastern Galicia during the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century."
Paul R. Magocsi, Harvard University.

30 April 1977.
"The Limits of Polish Autonomy in Austrian Galicia."
Piotr Wandycz.
"The Making of the Ukraine's Galician 'Piedmont'."
Ivan L. Rudnytsky.
"The Rise of Jewish Nationalism in Galicia."
Lila Everett.
1 cassette

2 May 1977.
"Death in Odessa: A Study of Population Movements in a Nineteenth Century City."
Patricia Herlihy, Harvard University.

5 May 1977.
"Problems in the Typology of Lexical Borrowings (Czech-Polish-East Slavic)."
Alexander M. Schenker, Professor, Yale University.

12 May 1977.
"Jewish Influences on the Heresy of the Judaizers in Muscovite Russia."
Shmuel Ettinger, Professor, Columbia University.

26 May 1977.
"Metropolitan Cyprian of Kiev and Moscow (1375-1406)."
Dimitri Obolensky, Professor, Oxford University.

Special Events

2-5 December 1976.
Symposium: "The Ukrainian Experience in the United States."

3 December 1976.
Workshop in Problems of Sociological Analysis.
Wsevolod W. Isajiw, Jeffrey Reitz, Nathan Glazer.

Centenary of the Ukrainian Emigration.
Oscar Handlin and Myron B. Kuropas.

4 December 1976.
Bohdan Procko, Rev. Gregory Hrushka, Paul Magocsi, Halyna Myroniuk, Edward Kasinec, Wsevolod W. Isajiw, Richard Renoff, Bohdan Struminskyj, Omeljan Pritsak, George G. Grabowicz, and Leonid Rudnytzky.

Keynote Address: "Ethnicity: The Next Ten Years."
Michael Novak, Professor of Religion, Syracuse University.

28-30 April 1977.
Conference: "Austria-Hungary, 1867-1918: Cultural, Social, and National Movements." reels unnumbered (housed at the Harvard University Archives)

28-30 May 1977.
Permanent Conference in Ukrainian Studies.
12 reels (housed at the Harvard University Archives)

28 May 1977.
First Session: The Social Sciences.
"The Concept of Russification."
Omeljan Pritsak, Professor, Harvard University.
"The 'Soviet Nation' as a New Historical Entity: A New Solution to an Old Problem."
Oleh Fedyshyn, Professor, Richmond College, CUNY.
"The Economy of Ukraine and Russification."
Mykola Bohatiuk, Professor, LeMoyne College.
"The Present State of Psychology in the Ukrainian SSR."
Ivan Holowinsky, Professor, Rutgers University.

Second Session: Bio-Bibliography.
"Russification and the Problem of Ukrainian National Bibliography."
Dmytro Shtohryn, Professor, University of Illinois.
"Ucrainica in the Library of Congress: A Brief Statistical Overview."
Basil Nadraga, Library of Congress.
"The Place of Ukrainian in the Slavic Languages Based on Publications and Particularly Translations."
Bohdan Struminskyj, Professor, Harvard University.

Keynote Address: "The History of Ukrainian Literature: A Conceptualization."
George Grabowicz, Harvard University.

29 May 1977.
Third Session: Church History.
"The Russification of the Ukrainian Catholic Church."
Rev. Meletius Wojnar, Professor, Catholic University.
"The Russification of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church."
Rev. Frank Estocin, Professor, Saint Sophia Ukrainian Orthodox Seminary.
"The Liquidation of the Uniate Church in the Russian Empire, 1839-1876."
Wasyl Lencyk, Professor, St. Basil's College.

Fourth Session: Literature.
"The Russification of Ukrainian Literary Scholarship."
Bohdan Romanenchuk, Professor.
"An Analysis of Russification in the Works of Ukrainian Soviet Writers."
Anna Vlasenko-Boycun.
"Mykhailo Kotsiubyns'kyi as an Example of the Sovietization of Ukrainian Literature."
Eugene Fedorenko, Professor, Rutgers University.
"The Progressive Russification of the Subtleties of the Ukrainian Literary Language."
Roman Kuchar, Professor, Fort Hays Kansas State College.

Fifth Session: Linguistics.
"Russification of the Ukrainian Vocabulary."
Yar Slavutych, Professor, University of Alberta.
"The Problem of Transcribing Ukrainian Names in American and Canadian Journals Dealing with Ukrainian Subjects."
Dan B. Chopyk, Professor, University of Utah.
"The Question of Ukrainian Orthography."
Jacob Hursky, Professor, Syracuse University.

30 May 1977.
Sixth Session: Technology.
"Psychological Implications of Space and the Architecture of Ukrainian Churches."
Zenon Mazurkiewicz.
"The Russification of Ukrainian Terminology."
Anatol Vovk.
"Long-range Planning and the Ukrainian Community."
Osyp Moroz.

Seventh Session: History.
"The Historical Development of Library and Information Science in Soviet Ukraine."
Edward Kasinec, Harvard University Library.
"The Language Question as a Factor in the National Movement in Eastern Galicia in the Nineteenth Century."
Paul R. Magocsi, Harvard University.
"Ukrainian National Demands in the First and Second Dumas and the Russian Reaction to Them."
Michael Voskobiynyk, Central Connecticut State College.

2-4 June 1977.
Conference: "The Ukrainian Religious Experience."
Robert J. Allen, Stephen K. Batalden, Ludomir Bienkowski, Thomas E. Bird, Bohdan R. Bociurkiw, James Cracraft, Richard Hantula, Henry R. Huttenbach, Daniel Kaiser, Zenon E. Kohut, Wasyl Lencyk, Athanasius Pekar, O.S.B.M., Victor J. Pospishil, Stephen Reynolds, Ihor Sevcenko, Paul D. Steeves, Frank E. Sysyn, George H. Williams, and David Zilberman.