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Seminar in Ukrainian Studies

22 September 1977.
"Food Riots and Class War in the Ukraine in 1902."
Daniel Field, Professor, Syracuse University.
1 cassette

28 September 1977.
"Psychiatry as a Tool of Soviet Political Repression."
Leonid Pliushch, Soviet mathematician and dissident.

29 September 1977.
"The Ukrainian Dissident Movement since the Helsinki Accords." (In Ukrainian)
Leonid Pliushch, Soviet mathematician and dissident.

6 October 1977.
"Soviet Policies toward Culture: Personal Observations about the Museums of the USSR and the Soviet Ukraine."
Leonid Tarassuk, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York.
1 cassette

13 October 1977.
"The Woman in Medieval East Central Europe."
Alexander Gieysztor, Professor, University of Warsaw.

20 October 1977.
"The Economic Impact of the Reforms of the 1860s: Economic Development of Peasant Villages in Kharkiv Province, 1850-1885."
Zack Deal, Vanderbilt University, and Harvard University.
1 cassette

27 October 1977.
"A Study of the Political Assumptions in Early Seventeenth Century Muscovite Tales about the Time of Troubles: Methodology and Conclusions."
Daniel B. Rowland, Professor, University of Kentucky.

3 November 1977.
"The History of Polish-Ukrainian Literary Relations: A Literary and Cultural Perspective."
George G. Grabowicz, Professor, Harvard University. 1 cassette

17 November 1977.
"The Lives of Boris and Hlib."
Frank Sciacca, Columbia University.
1 cassette

1 December 1977.
"An English-Ukrainian Dictionary for the Western User: Past and Future."
George Perfecky, Professor, LaSalle College.
1 cassette

2 December 1977.
"The Ethnic Problem within Orthodoxy in America."
Alexander Shmemann, Dean, St. Valdimir's Theological Seminary.
1 cassette

15 December 1977.
"The Language Question in the Ukraine prior to the Nineteenth Century."
Bohdan Strumins'kyj, Harvard University.
1 cassette

2 February 1978.
"The Archival Legacy of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: The Fate of the Historical Archives in Vilnius."
Patricia Kennedy Grimsted, Harvard University.

16 February 1978.
"The Language Question among the Subcarpathian Rusyns."
Paul R. Magocsi, Harvard University.
1 cassette

23 February 1978.
"National Culture versus Global Culture: Have National Cultures a Future?"
Jerzy A. Wojciechowski, Professor, University of Ottawa.
1 cassette

2 March, 1978.
"Byzantium and Rus' in the Fourteenth Century."
Rev. John Meyendorff, Dumbarton Oaks.

9 March 1978.
"The Concept of Military Victory in Our Times."
Petro Grigorenko, Soviet military commander and human rights activist. (In Ukrainian with simultaneous English translation.)
1 cassette

16 March 1978.
"Jewish Nineteenth-Century History in Twentieth-Century Polish Historiography."
Israel Oppenheim, Professor, Ben-Gurion University.
1 cassette

23 March 1978.
"Ukrainian Historical Sources: A Bibliographer's View."
Edward Kasinec, Research bibliographer and librarian, Harvard University.
1 cassette

6 April 1978.
"The Transposition of Myth to Epic: Hadingus and the Norse Attack on Constantinople in 860."
Omeljan Pritsak, Professor, Harvard University.
1 cassette

13 April 1978.
"The Literature of Old Rus' in the Writing of A.N. Radiscev."
Tanya Page, Professor, University of Oregon.
1 cassette

20 April 1978.
"The Ukrainian Women's Movement: Introductory Remarks."
Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak, Professor, Manhattanville College.

27 April 1978.
"A Critique of Cyzevs'kyj's History of Ukrainian Literature."
George G. Grabowicz, Professor, Harvard University.
1 cassette

4 May 1978.
"Polish Political Parties and the Ukrainian Problem, 1900-1939."
M. Kamil Dziewanowski, Professor, Boston University.

11 May 1978.
"Marx and the Nationalities Question."
Andrzej Walicki, Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Occasional Lectures

17 October 1977.
"Soviet Nationality Policy and Ukrainian-Jewish Relations in Contemporary Ukraine."
Mikhail Shtern, Soviet doctor.
1 cassette

3 March 1978.
"The Church and Christianity: Their Anti-Totalitarian Role in Eastern Europe."
Dominik Morawski, correspondent for Kultura, Rome.
1 cassette

Special Events

11-12 November 1977.
Conference: "Demographic and Socioeconomic Characteristics of Persons with Ukrainian Mother Tongue in the United States, 1970."

2-4 June 1978.
Permanent Conference in Ukrainian Studies.