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27 September 1979.
"Renaissance Poland and 'Antemurale Christianitatis'."
Wiktor Wientraub, Harvard University.

4 October 1979.
"On Iso-Norms in Church Slavonic."
Riccardo Picchio, Yale University.

11 October 1979.
"Social Trends Among Ukrainians in Quebec."
Ivan Myhul, Bishop's University, Quebec.

18 October 1979.
"Combing the Snarls from the Povest' vremennykh let."
Donald Ostrowski, Harvard University, and Boston College.

25 October 1979.
"Selected Problems of the Contemporary Ukrainian Economy."
Fedir Kushnirs'kyi, Head of the Department of Macro-economic Modeling of the Ukrainian Gosplan.

1 November 1979.
"The Ukrainian Military Organization (UVO) and Galician Politics in the 1920s."
Alexander Motyl, Columbia University.

8 November 1979.
"Did Feofan Prokopovych Write Pravda voli monarshei?"
James Cracraft, Department of History, University of Illinois.

15 November 1979.
"Literary Trends in Western Ukraine from the 1920s to the 1930s." (In Ukrainian)
Bohdan Romanenchuk, Department of Modern Languages, Niagara University.

29 November 1979.
"The Difficult Position of the Ukrainian Press in Inter-War Galicia." (In Ukrainian)
Ivan Kedryn-Rudnytsky, former editor of Dilo and Svoboda.

6 December 1979.
"Recent Research on Soviet Regional Development."
Ivan Koropeckyj, Department of Economics, Temple University.

3 December 1979.
"The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists and the International Situation in the 1930s." (In Ukrainian)
Mykola Lebed', Prolog Associates.

13 December 1979.
"Historical Consciousness in Seventeenth-Century Ukraine."
Frank E. Sysyn, Harvard University.

17 December 1979.
"The Peasant Movement in the Right Bank Ukraine, 1905-1907.
Robert S. Edelman, Department of History, University of California at San Diego.

7 February 1980.
"Sacred Ode in the Early Eighteenth Century: Literary Perceptions."
Alexander Levitsky, Brown University.

14 February 1980.
"Parallelism in the Ideas of Taras Sevcenko (1814-1861) and Antonio de Castro Alves (1847-1871)."
Vira Vovk, University of Rio de Janeiro.

21 February 1980.
"Russian and Ukrainian Revolutionaries and Socialists on Jewish Problems in the 1870s."
Moshe Mishkinsky, University of Tel-Aviv.

28 February 1980.
"Non-Muslims in the Ottoman Empire: An Historical Overview."
Benjamin Braude, Boston College.

6 March 1980.
"Soviet Concepts of Crime and the Rule of Law."
Yury Starosolsky, Head, Congressional Record Services, retired.

13 March 1980.
"What to do about Ethnicity in Religion?"
Philip M. Kayal, Seton Hall University.

20 March 1980.
"Translated Sources of Povest' vremmenykh let."
Simon Franklin, Dumbarton Oaks.

3 April 1980.
"Ukraine and the Soviet Economy under Market Socialism of NEP."
V. N. Bandera, Temple University.

10 April 1980.
"Rabbinic Responsa as an Unexplored Source for Ukrainian History."
Mark Pinson, Harvard University.

17 April 1980.
"Collectivization in the Ukraine."
Janusz Radziejowski, Institute for the Study of Higher Education and Technology, Warsaw.

23 April 1980.
"The Ukrainian School Theater in the 17th and 18th Centuries: An Expression of the Baroque."
Paulina Lewin, University of Illinois.

24 April 1980.
"How 17th- and 18th Century Kiev-Academy Plays were Staged."
Paulina Lewin, University of Illinois.

1 May 1980.
"University Students and the Ukrainian National Revival (1858-1863)."
Roman Serbyn, University of Quebec at Montreal.

8 May 1980.
"Letters or Commerce? Printers and Printed Culture in the Russian Empire, 1776-1801."
Gary Marker, State University of New York at Stony Brook.

15 May 1980.
"The Jews of Sub-Carpathian Rus' in the Light of Historiography."
Livia Rothkirchen, Editor, Yad Vashem Studies, Israel.

22 May 1980.
"The Ukrainian Immigrant Woman: An Oral History."
Lucille O'Connell, Bridgewater State College.

Occasional Lectures

"Recent Evidence for Trypillian Architecture and Settlement."
Alexander Dolidsky, Researcher, Institute of Archaeology of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

Special Events

7 March 1980.
Special Convocation in Honor of Michael Bazansky.
Lucien N. Nedzi, Yuri Starosolsky, Edward Kasinec, George G. Grabowicz, and Omeljan Pritsak.

30 May 1980.
"The Printing of the Ostrih Bible." (Krawciw Memorial Lecture)
Robert C. Mathieson, Professor, Brown University.

29 May-1 June 1980.
Permanent Conference on Ukrainian Studies.

30 May 1980.

"Ukrainian Serial Publications in the Slavonic Division of the New York Public Library."
Svitlana Andrushkiv, New York Public Library.
"The American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies as a Source for Ukrainian Studies."
Jurij Dobczansky, Library of Congress.
"Observations on Some Collections of Old Ukrainian Books in American Depositories."
Bohdan Struminskyj, University of Ottawa.
"English Writings on Ukrainian Literature: The First One Hundred Years."
Marta Tarnawsky, University of Pennsylvania.
"The Problem of Indexing the Literaturno-Naukovyj Visnyk."
Bohdan Yasinsky, Library of Congress.
"English Writings on Ukrainian Literature: The Last Two Decades."
Myroslava Znayenko, Rutgers University.

"The Poetical Language of Drai-Khmara."
Oksana Ahser, Brooklyn.
"An Alternative Method of Teaching Foreign Languages."
Borys Bilokur, University of Connecticut, Storrs.
"The National Aspect of the Dramatic Works of M. Kulish during the Period of NEP."
Stepan Chorney, State University of New York, Brockport.
"Old Ukraine in the Literature of Classical Antiquity."
Oleksandra Kopach, Toronto.
"The Theme of the Mother in Lesja Ukrajinka (On the Basis of her Poem 'Niobe')."
Natalia Pazuniak, University of Pennsylvania.
"The Poetry of Ivan Svitlycnyj."
Yar Slavutych, University of Alberta.
"The 'Swine's Constitution'--A Remarkable Satirical Work by Ivan Franko."
Wolodymyr Zyla, Texas Tech University.

31 May 1980.
"Lina Kostenko's Historical Study Marusja Curaj."
Halyna Pankiv, University of Chicago.
"The Question of Sevcenko's Views on Art."
Bohdan Romanenchuk, Emeritus, Niagara University.
"From the Writers of the Sixties to the Writer-Dissidents."
Ostap Tarnawsky, Community College of Philadelphia.
"Evhen Malanjuk's Literary Style."
Julia Woychyshyn, University of Ottawa.

Ukrainian Culture.
"Psychologists of Kharkiv University and Their Impact Upon the Science of Psychology."
Ivan Z. Holowinsky, Rutgers University.
"The Ukrainian Hall at the Cathedral of Learning, University of Pittsburgh."
Lubomyr E. Kalynych, Irvington, New Jersey.
"Remembrances of Bohdan Krawciw--The Political Activist."
Mykola Klymyshyn, Detroit.
"The Present State of Research on Ukrainian Culture and Future Prospects."
Miroslav A. Semchyshyn, Emeritus, Northwestern Illinois State University.
"The Case of Victor Petrov."
Dmytro M. Shtohryn.

"Paneiko's Pravopysnyj Slovnyk under the Editorship of Ja. Rudnyc'kyj and K. Cerkevyc: A Discussion."
Bohdan Chopyk, University of Utah.
"The Orthography of Ukrainian Chemical Terms."
Omeljan Omecins'kyj, Rochester.
"On the Capital Letter."
Bohdan Romanenchuk.
"Words in which the Letter 'G' is Used."
Yar Slavutych.

"A New Scheme for the Early History of Rus'-Ukraine."
Oleksander Dombrowsky, New York.
"The Hungarian Revolution of 1848-1849 and the Carpathian Ukrainians."
Vincent Shandor, Paterson, New Jersey.
"The Galician Soviet Republic of 1920."
Vasyl Veryha, University of Toronto.
"1905--The First Meeting of Non-Russian Peoples of the Russian Empire."
Michael Voskobiynyk, Central Connecticut State College.
"History of the Basilian Order of St. Josaphat's."
Rev. Meletius Wojnar, O.S.B.M..

Economic Thought and Economy of Ukraine.
"Concept of Ukrainian Economics and National Independence."
Nicholas G. Bohatiuk, LeMoyne College.
"Economic Thought in Contemporary Dissent Literature in Ukraine."
Lubomyr Kowal, University of Michigan.
"Demographic Tendencies in Ukraine, 1897-1979."
Roman Senkiw, Bank of Montreal.

"The Year 1320."
Omeljan Pritsak, Harvard University.

1 June 1980.
History and Sociology.
"Metropolitan Andrew and Ukrainian Scholarship."
Vasyl Lencyk, St. Basil's College, Stamford.
"Rerum Novarum and Metropolitan Septyckyj: A Socio-Economic Review."
George R. Rybak, Merion, Pennsylvania.

Roundtable: "Perspectives on the Study of Ukrainians in Emigration."
Vladimir Bandera.
Lubomyr Hajda, Ukrainian Research Institute.
Ihor Huryn, Ukrainian Sociological Institute.
Wsewolod Isajiw, University of Toronto.
Jaroslaw Padoch, Sevcenko Scientific Society.
Ihor Zielyk, Seton Hall University.

Special Guest Speakers.
"Thoughts on Ukrainian Terminological Dictionaries."
Nina Strokata-Karavansky, New York.
"A Dictionary of Rhymes as a Model of the Ukrainian Language."
Sviatoslav Karavansky, New York.

Memoirs of L'viv.
"Literary and Artistic Groups in L'viv."
Michael Bazansky, Detroit.
"Ukrainian Journalists in L'viv and Their Activities."
Ivan Kedryn, Jersey City.
"Ukrainian Physicians in L'viv and Their Activities."
Roman Osinchuk, New York.
"Ukrainian Literati in L'viv."
Bohdan Romanenchuk.