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Seminar in Ukrainian Studies

30 September 1982.
"Molding of the Soviet People: The Role of Ukraine and Belorussia."
Roman Solchanyk, Radio Free Europe.
2 cassettes

7 October 1982.
"The Nordic and Slavic Names of the Dnieper Cataracts in the Tenth Century Revisited."
Bohdan Struminsky, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

14 October 1982.
"The Ukrainian komitety nezamozhnvkh selian and the Structure of Soviet Rule in the Ukrainian Countryside, 1920-1933."
James Mace, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

21 October 1982.
"An Unconventional View of the Origin of Church Slavonic Literary Culture in Galicia."
Robert Mathieson, Brown University.
2 cassettes

28 October 1982.
"Jan Kochanowski as a Model Poet in Lectures on Poetry in Belorussia and Ukraine in the 17th and 18th Centuries."
Paulina Lewin, Harvard University.
2 cassettes

4 November 1982.
"At the Crossroads of Classicism and Byzantinism: Leopolitan Architectural Achievements about 1600."
Jan Bialostocki, Wellesley College.
1 cassette

18 November 1982.
"Byzantium and the Rus' in the Twelfth Century: New Sources and New Perspectives."
Alexander Kazhdan, Dumbarton Oaks.
1 cassette

2 December 1982.
"Slavic Transformation of Patristic Literature."
Julia Alessandratos, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
1 cassette

9 December 1982.
"Dual Status of Ukrainians in the USSR."
Simian Guo, Peking, and Princeton University.
1 cassette

16 December 1982.
"Theater as a Vehicle for Acculturation: Kh. D. Alchevska in Kharkiv Province, 1881-1911."
Gary Thurston, University of Rhode Island, and Research Fellow, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.

10 February 1983.
"The Many Worlds of Peter Mohyla."
Ihor Sevcenko, Harvard University.
1 cassette

17 February 1983.
"The Kiev Mohyla Academy and the Hetmanate."
George Gajecky, Harvard University.

24 February 1983.
"The Development of Medieval Rumanian Architecture."
George Ursul, Emerson College. (Co-sponsored with the Center for East European Language and Area Studies)
2 cassettes

3 March 1983.
"Civil War in Poland (1944-1947): Parallels with the Present."
Lucja Swiatkowski, Columbia University.
2 cassettes

10 March 1983.
"Is Everyone Becoming Russian?': National and Ethnic Identity Change in the Soviet Union."
Brian Silver, Michigan State University
Barbara Anderson, Brown University.
1 cassette

17 March 1983.
"Dame Sophia, The Wisdom of God. Some Remarks on Vladimir Solov'ev and the Twentieth-Century Concept of Wisdom."
Fairy von Lilienfeld, University of Erlangen-Nuremburg.
1 cassette

24 March 1983.
"Modern Nationalism: An Attempt at Historical Understanding."
J. H. Jensen, University of Waikato, New Zealand.
1 cassette

31 March 1983.
"Conquest and Contract: Two-pre-1648 Interpretations of Polish-Ukrainian Relations.
Stephan Velychenko, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

7 April 1983.
"Some New Data Concerning the Transmission of the 'Ihor Tale'."
Omeljan Pritsak, Harvard University.
2 cassettes

13 April 1983.
"Soviet Ukrainian Women, 1919-1939."
Marta Bohachevsky -Chomiak, Manhattanville College.
2 cassettes

14 April 1983.
"Ukrainian Church Life in Transition."
Thomas Bird, Queens College.
2 cassettes

21 April 1983.
"Voltaire on Russia and Its European Neighbors: Sweden, Poland-Lithuania, and Turkey."
Christian Piechura, Jagiellonian University.
1 cassette

28 April 1983.
"Michael the Lithuanian."
Hugh Graham, California State College, Bakersfield.
2 cassettes

5 May 1983.
"The Kievan Chronicle as a Source for East European History."
Lisa Heinrich, Vanderbilt University. (Co-sponsored with the Soviet and East European Language and Area Center)
2 cassettes

9 May 1983.
"Rhetorical Aspects of Old Kievan and Muscovite Epistolography."
Giovanna Brogi Bercoff, Universita delgi studi di Urbino.

12 May 1983.
"The Confession as Polemic: The Life of ArchPriest Avvakum versus the Emerging Absolutist State."
Pricilla Hunt, Brown University.
2 cassettes

16 May 1983.
"From Bloodthirsty Pagan to Pus' Starets and Grand Prince of Lithuania: The Fate of Prince Vaisvilkas in the West Slavic and East Slavic Chronicles."
David M. Goldfrank, Georgetown University.
1 cassette

Occasional Lectures 17 November 1982.
Luncheon meeting with Professor Józef Gierowski of the Jagiellonian University, Cracow.

22 November 1982.
"Vladimir (Ze'ev) Jabotinsky (1880-1940) and the Ukraine." (In Ukrainian)
Israel Kleiner.

24 April 1983.
"St. Sophia's Cathedral: Unraveling the Byzantine from the Baroque."
Shlomo Lambroza, Boston College.
Daniel Bernstein, Architect.

29 April 1983.
"Ukrainians in Poland."
Roman Laba, University of Wisconsin.

Special Events

12-13 October 1982.
Conference: "Hasidism--Continuity or Innovation." (Co-sponsored with the Center for Jewish Studies)

22-23 October 1982.
Conference: Viacheslav Lypynsky Centennial Conference.

22 October 1982.
Introductory Address.
"Lypynsky's Place in Ukrainian Intellectual History."
Omeljan Pritsak, Harvard University.

"Waclaw Lipinski/Viacheslav Lypynsky: His Social and Family Background."
Marian Kamil Dziewanowski, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.

The Historian.
"Viacheslav Lypynsky and History at the Turning Point."
Olga Andriewsky, Harvard University.
"Lypynsky as a Historian of the Khmelnytsky Era."
Frank E. Sysyn, Harvard University.

Dinner Address.
"Reminiscences on How V. Lypynsky's Papers were Preserved and Brought to the United States."
Eugene Zyblikewycz, Lypynsky Institute.

23 October 1982.
Contributions to Biography.
"Lypynsky's Papers in the Archives of the V.K. Lypynsky East European Research Institute in Philadelphia."
Iwan H. Korowytsky, Lypynsky Institute.
"Lypynsky's Road to Conservatism."
Leo Bilas, University of Hamburg.
"Lypynsky in the Hetmanite Movement, 1920-1931."
Alexander J. Motyl, Columbia University.

The Political Thinker.
"Lypynsky's Political Sociology."
Wsevolod W. Isajiw, University of Toronto.
"Lypynsky Revisited: The Problem of the Elite in Ukrainian Political Theory and Politics."
Jaroslaw Pelenski, University of Iowa.
"Lypynsky's Political Ideas from the Perspective of Our Time."
Ivan L. Rudnytsky, University of Alberta.

3 June 1983.
"Encounters with the East: The Orientalist Poetry of Ahatanhel Kryms'skyj." (Krawciw Memorial Lecture)
Jaroslav Stetkevych, University of Chicago.

3-5 June 1983.
Permanent Conference on Ukrainian Studies.

3 June 1983.
"Contemporary Status of Ukrainian Bio-Bibliography."
Joseph V. Krawczeniuk, King's College, Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
"The Ukrainian Library in America. A Report on the Newly Completed Manual for American Community Libraries in the United States and Canada."
Martha Tarnawsky, University of Pennsylvania.
"Ukrainian Ethnographic Lands in Geographic-Cartographic Items in the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress."
Mykhailo Bokhno, Library of Congress.
"A Review of Publications on Ukraine after World War II in Modern Hebrew and Yiddish Languages."
Joseph Danko, Yale University.
"Literature on Archives and Archival Work in Ukraine."
George Gajecky, Harvard University.

"Two Variants of Vynnychenko's Philosophy of Happiness: 'Happiness' (1930) and 'Concordism' (1948)."
Eugene Lashchyk, LaSalle College, Philadelphia.
"Some Notes on Historiography of D. Chyzhevsky's Ukrainian Philosophy."
Andrew Krutskyj, Fordham University.
"The Influence of Contemporary Physics on Philosophy in Ukraine."
Oleksa Bilaniuk, Swarthmore College.

4 June 1983.
Ukrainian Language and Literature.
"A Few More Words on the 'Chronicle of Bykhovetz'."
George Perfecky, LaSalle College, Philadelphia.
"Heinrich Heine in Ukraine."
Albert Kipa, Muhlenberg College, Allentown, Pennsylvania.
"An Indo-Ural Archaism in Ukrainian Language."
Bohdan Struminskyj, Harvard University.

"Vita of the Emperor Basil I, Ascribed to Constantine Porphyrogenitus. The Problem of Texts' Publications."
Ihor Sevcenko, Harvard University.
"The First Seat of the Metropolitan of Rus'."
Omeljan Pritsak, Harvard University.
"Officium Strators by Daniel of Galicia."
Miroslav Labunka, LaSalle College.
"Education in the Ukrainian Hetman State."
George Gajecky, Harvard University.
"Sociological Review of Leaders of the Ukrainian Underground Movement and of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army."
Vasyl Kalynovych.

"Transfer of Technology in Ukrainian Industry."
Alexander Billon, University of Delaware.
"Significance of the Individual Agricultural Plots in the Economics of the USSR and Ukraine."
Omeljan Bey, Shippensburg State University.
"Western Interpretation of the Economic Situation of Ukraine in the Soviet System."
Volodymyr Bandera, Temple University.

Plenary Session.
"The Planning and Architectural Reconstruction of Kyiv in the 1930s and their Consequences."
Titus Hevryk, University of Pennsylvania.

5 June 1983.
Ukrainian Holocaust.
"On the Origin and National-Political Significance of the Ukrainian Holocaust, 1933."
Vasyl Hryshko.
"The End of the Ukrainization Movement and the Great Famine, 1932-1933."
Peter Holubenko.
"The Role of Local Government Agencies in the Execution of the Famine, 1932-1933."
Myron Dolod.
"Personal Experiences from the Years of the Ukrainian Holocaust, 1932-1933."
Mykhailo Voskobiynyk.