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Seminar in Ukrainian Studies

3 October 1991.
"Being a Historian in a Totalitarian Society: Reminiscences and Reflections."
Jaroslav Isaievych, Director of the Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences in L'viv.

10 October 1991.
"Intellectual Authority, Territoriality and Hegemony: The Politics of Scholarship in the Russian Empire, 1801-1855."
Orest Pelech, Slavic Bibliographer and Adjunct Associate Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Duke University.
2 cassettes

17 October 1991.
"The Archive of the Metropolitan of Kiev and All Rus' in the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries."
Andrei Pliguzov, Institute of History, Academy of Sciences, Moscow.
1 cassette

24 October 1991.
"Sergei Zenkovsky and the Translation of the Nikon Chronicle."
Donald Ostrowski, Research Associate, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
2 cassettes

31 October 1991.
"The Fourth Palatalization of Velars in Ukrainian."
Michael S. Flier, Oleksandr Potebnja Professor of Ukrainian Philology, Harvard University.
1 cassette

7 November 1991.
"Pre-Berestian Reform Strategies 1589-1594."
Russel Moroziuk, Associate Professor, Chairman of Theological Studies, Concordia University, Montreal.
1 cassette

5 December 1991.
"The Ethnographic and Open-Air Museums of Ukraine: Their History and Changing Roles in Contemporary Society and Culture."
Myron Stachiw, Research Historian, Old Sturbridge Village Director, OSV Field School in Architectural History.
1 cassette

12 December 1991.
"Ivan Franko and the Idea of the Political Independence of Ukraine."
Jaroslav Hrytsak, Research Associate, Institute of Social Sciences, Academy of Sciences, L'viv.
1 cassette

19 December 1991.
"The Legal Status of Missing Persons in Ukraine."
Oxsana Selska.
1 cassette

30 January 1992.
"Bars'kyj as a Source for Art Historians: Constructing a Methodology."
Alexander Grishin, Professor, The National University, Canberra, Australia, and Visiting Fellow, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

6 February 1992.
"The Ukrainian Archival Legacy after Independence: Research Possibilities and Conflicting Claims."
Patricia Kennedy Grimsted, Research Associate, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

13 February 1992.
"Avant-Garde Artists Active in Russia and Ukraine, 1910-1920."
Mikhail Kolesnikov, Curator , Bakhrushin Theater Museum, Moscow, and Mellon Fellow at Stanford University.
1 cassette

20 February 1992.
"Iotation and Germination in Ukraine."
Christina Y. Bethin, Associate Professor of Slavic Linguistics, State University of New York at Stony Brook.
1 cassette

27 February 1992.
"Popular Religion in the Ukrainian Countryside During the NEP (1921-1928 )."
Zenon V. Wasyliw, Instructor in History, Ithaca College.
1 cassette

5 March 1992.
"At the Cross-roads of Five Civilizations: Ottoman Culture in Kamianets' Podil's'kyi."
Dariusz Kolodziejczyk, Assistant Professor, Warsaw University, Poland.
1 cassette

12 March 1992.
"Effects of the Cossack Naval Raids on the Muslim and Christian Population of the Ottoman Black Sea."
Victor Ostapchuk , Research Associate, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

19 March 1992.
"Summary Remarks on the Topic Ukraine Between the East and the West."
Ihor Sevcenko, Dumbarton Oaks Professor of Byzantine History and Literature, Harvard University.
1 cassette

2 April 1992.
"Social Science and Fieldwork in Ukraine: Problems and Current Trends."
A panel discussion, the opening session of a Conference on Peasant Society and Culture in Eastern Europe (April 2-4 ). Scholars from North America and Eastern Europe (anthropologists, ethnomusicologists, folklorists, and historians) whose research focuses on fieldwork and/or material collected directly from villages.

9 April 1992.
"The 'Ideal' Renaissance Church Plan in Ukrainian Architecture."
Radislav Zuk, Professor of Architecture, McGill University, Montreal.
1 cassette

16 April 1992.
"What Is To Be Done? Is There a Future for Music in Independent Ukraine?"
Virko Baley, Conductor of the Las Vegas Symphony and the L'viv Symphony.
2 cassettes

23 April 1992.
"Authorship and Textual Identity in the Tale of the Holy Martys Boris and Gleb."
(Krawciw Memorial Lecture)
Harvey Goldblatt, Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Yale University.
1 cassette

Occasional Lectures

19 September 1991.
"The Philosophical Roots of Ukrainian Culture." (In Ukrainian)
Myroslav Popovych, Head of the Section on Logic, Methodology, and Philosophy in the Institute of Philosophy, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

24 September 1991.
"The Cultural Background of the Soviet Poetic Cinema: Illienko, Paradzhanov, Abuladze, and Tarkovski."
Irina Bogration Mukhraneli, Institute of Literature, Moscow.

26 September 1991.
"Future Political and Economic Prospects for Ukraine."
Leonid Kravchuk, President of Ukraine.
2 cassettes

1 October 1991.
"The Ukrainian Academy of Sciences and New Structures in Historical Studies." (In Ukrainian)
Ivan Kuras, Chairman of the Section for the History and Philosophy, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and, Ivan Ladyvir, Academic Coordinator of the Section for the History and Philosophy, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

15 October 1991.
"The Cossacks as a Military Force and a Social Group."
Victor Buganov, Chairman, Department of Medieval Historical Sources, Institute of History, Academy of Sciences, Moscow.
1 cassette

5 November 1991.
"The Contemporary Political and Economic Situation in Ukraine: From Sovereignty to Independence."
Volodymyr Vassylenko, Professor, Kiev State University.
2 cassettes

12 November 1991.
"The Present State of the Humanities and the Prospects for Academic Reform in Ukraine" (In Ukrainian).
Oleh Romaniv, Academician of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, and President of the Shevchenko Scientific Society, L'viv.
1 cassette

6 December 1991.
"The Prospects of Ukrainian-Jewish Relations." (In Ukrainian)
Yakov Suslensky, Writer and Activist, Israel-Ukraine Society.
1 cassette

10 December 1991.
"The Role of the Ukrainian Student Movement in the Events Which Led to Ukraine's Independence."
Oles Donij, Co-Director, Ukrainian Student Union in Ukraine and Member, Governing Body of RUKH.

31 January 1992.
"Relations Between Poles and Ukrainians in Poland: Recent Developments." (In Ukrainian)
Volodymyr Mokryi, Professor, Jagiellonian University, Krakow.
1 cassette

3 February 1992.
"Current Issues Facing Ukraine." (In Ukrainian)
Stepan Khmara, Deputy to the Ukrainian Parliament.
1 cassette

31 March 1992.
"Ukraine's Proposed Constitution: Progress for Whom?"
Roman Szporluk, Professor of History, Harvard University,
Lowry Wyman, Massachusetts Attorney, and Fellow, Russian Research Center,
David Lempert, California Attorney, and Research Associate, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
2 cassettes

7 May 1992.
"The Fate of Economic and Financial Reform in Ukraine."
Oleksander Savchenko, Former Vice-President, Ukrainian National Bank.
1 cassette

17 July 1992.
"Ukrainian Literature between Realism and Post-Modernism." (In Ukrainian)
Mykola Riabchuk, Critic and Poet, Ukrainian Union of Writers.

Special Events

2-4 April 1992.
Conference on Peasant Society and Culture in Eastern Europe.

17 April 1992.
Concert of Twentieth Century Ukrainian Music.

4 May 1992.
Conference on Telecommunications in Ukraine and Russia.