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Seminar in Ukrainian Studies

7 October 1993.
"Poland in Ukrainian History."
Ihor Sevcenko, Dumbarton Oaks Professor of Byzantine History and Literature, Emeritus, Harvard University.
1 cassette

14 October 1993.
"Does Ukraine Have a History?"
Mark von Hagen, Associate Professor of History, Columbia University.
1 cassette

21 October 1993.
"Problems of the Rus' Primary Chronicle: Where was 9th-Century Moravia?"
Horace G. Lunt, Samuel Hazzard Cross Professor of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Emeritus, Harvard University.
1 cassette

28 October 1993.
"Prospects for Economic Reform in Ukraine."
Leonid Kistersky, Chairman, National Centre of the Implementation of International Technical Assistance to Ukraine, Kiev, and E.L. Wiegend Distinguished Visiting Professor, Brown University.
2 cassettes

4 November 1993.
"Chornobyl Revisited: Myths, On-Site Findings, and Their Implications."
Alexander Sich, Ph.D. candidate in Nuclear Engineering, MIT.
2 cassettes

18 November 1993.
"The Dynamic Ontology of the 18th-century Philosopher Hryhorii Skovoroda."
Andrii Romenets, Institute of Philosophy, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev, and Visiting Scholar, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.

2 December 1993.
"Ukrainian Literature and the Erotics of Post-Colonialism: Some Modest Propositions."
Marko Pavlyshyn, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, Monash University, Australia.
2 cassettes

7 December 1993.
"Future Prospects for Archeography in Ukraine."
Gennadii Boriak, Deputy Director, Institute of Ukrainian Archeography, Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kiev.
Commentator: Patricia Kennedy Grimsted, Associate, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.

9 December 1993.
"National Consciousness of Students in Contemporary Ukraine: A Sociological Analysis."
Natalia Chernysh, Associate Professor, Department of Theory and History of Culture, L'viv University.
1 cassette

16 December 1993.
"The Implications of Ukraine's Demographic Situation at the Oblast' Level."
Oleh Wolowyna, Senior Policy Specialist, Research Triangle Institute, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.
1 cassette

3 February 1994.
"Reconstructing the History of an Underground Church: The Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church in the Soviet Union, 1945-1989."
Borys Gudziak, Director, Institute of Church History, L'viv, Ukraine.
1 cassette

10 February 1994.
"In Search of a Separate Identity: Poland's and Ukraine's Path to Europe."
Andrzej Kaminski, Associate Professor of History, Georgetown University.
1 cassette

17 February 1994.
"The Pathos of Populism in Ukrainian Literature: The Meanings and Metamorphoses of 'Kotliarevshchyna'."
George G. Grabowicz, Dmytro Cyzevs'kyj Professor of Ukrainian Literature, and Director, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

22 February 1994.
"Is Russian Nationalism Expansionist by Nature? Observations on and a Consideration of the Ukrainian Case."
John B. Dunlop, Senior Fellow, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace.
1 cassette

10 March 1994.
"The Search for a New Political Identity in Ukraine and the Impact of Western Values."
Vadim Voinov, Associate Director, Department of Communications and Cultural Studies, Kiev University, and Visiting Scholar, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

17 March 1994.
"Kiev, Moscow, and the Donbas: Regional Identity in Historical Perspective."
Hiroaki Kuromiya, Associate Professor, Department of History, Indiana University.
1 cassette

7 April 1994.
"Modernism vs. Populism in Fin de Siecle Ukrainian Literature: A Case of Gender Conflict."
Solomea Pavlychko, Senior Research Associate, Institute of Literature, Academy of Sciences, Ukraine, and Visiting Scholar, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

14 April 1994.
"Macro-Economic Regulation of the Ukrainian Economy in Transition: Problems and Prospects."
Vasiliy Litvinov, Chief of Sector of Macro-Economic Regulation, Scientific Research Institute, Ministry of Economy, Ukraine, and Humphrey Fellow, Boston University.
1 cassette

21 April 1994.
"Language Loyalty in the Melting Pot of Nations: Ukrainian in the United States."
Bohdan Azhniuk, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Ukrainian Language, Academy of Sciences, Ukraine, and Visiting Scholar, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

26 April 1994.
"Political Communities and Gendered Ideologies in Contemporary Ukraine." (Petryshyn Memorial Lecture)
Martha Bohachevsky Chomiak, National Endowment for the Humanities, Washington.

28 April 1994.
"The State of Science and the Development of Non-Governmental Professional Societies in Ukraine."
Oleksander Slobodyanyuk, Professor of Physics, Kiev University, and Chairman, Coordinating Committee of the Ukrainian Physicists' Society.
1 cassette

Summer Seminar

1 August 1994.

"Ukraine's Transition to Sovereignty and Problems of Nation-Building: An Overview."
Lubomyr Hajda, Harvard University.
1 cassette

"National Politics: President, Parliament, Parties, Programs."
Zenovia Sochor, Clark University and Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

"Democratization and Ukraine's Evolution toward a Civil Society: A Balance Sheet."
Martha Bohachevsky-Chomiak, National Endowment for the Humanities.
2 cassettes

Roundtable: "Ukraine: Post-Colonial Realities in 1994."
Discussion involving the Summer Institute's students and teaching staff from Ukraine.

2 August 1994.

"Ethnicity and Politics in Ukraine."
Orest Deychakiwsky, Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe.
1 cassette

"Churches and the Politics of Religion in Today's Ukraine."
Borys Gudziak, Institute of Church History, L'viv.
1 cassette

"National Identity in Contemporary Ukraine."
Yaroslav Hrytsak, L'viv University.
1 cassette

"Culture and Society in Ukraine Since Independence."
Oksana Grabowicz, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

"Film and Music in Contemporary Ukraine."
Virko Baley, University of Nevada.

3 August 1994.

"Lawmaking and the Law in Ukraine."
Walter Lupan, Ukrainian-American Bar Association.
1 cassette

"Flashpoints: Ukraine's Demographic, Nuclear, and Energy Crises."
David Marples, University of Alberta.
1 cassette

"Ukrainian Economic Reforms and External Financing."
Oleh Havrylyshyn, International Monetary Fund.
2 cassettes

Roundtable: "Doing Business in Ukraine."

"Chornobyl: Myths, On-Site Findings, and Their Implications."
Alexander Sich, MIT.

4 August 1994.

"Ukraine's Place in the International Arena."
Paul Goble, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
1 cassette

Roundtable Discussion: "Ukrainian-Russian Relations."
Paul Goble, David Marples, Zenovia Sochor.
1 cassette

"Ukrainian-American Relations."
Roman Popadiuk, former US Ambassador to Ukraine.
1 cassette

"The Making of US Policy toward Ukraine: The Roles of the US Administration and Congress, the Embassy of Ukraine, and the Ukrainian-American Community."
Eugene Iwanciw, Ukrainian National Association.

5 August 1994.

"Ukraine's Armed Forces and Military Policy."
Nadia Schadlow, US Department of Defense.
Commentator: Ihor Smeshko, Embassy of Ukraine.

"Ukraine's Nuclear Weapons and International Security."
Sherman Garnett, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
1 cassette

Special Events

12-13 May 1994.
Conference: "The Military Tradition in Ukrainian History: Its Role in the Construction of Ukraine's Armed Forces."
Kostiantyn Morozov, John S. Jaworsky, Zenon Kohut, Yuri Levchenko, Ivan Olenovych, Ihor Smeshko, and Mark von Hagen.
1 cassette