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Seminar in Ukrainian Studies

29 September 1997.
"Holy Nails, Monkey Bile, Carrot Puree, and other Oddities of Ukrainian Phonology."
Michael S. Flier, Oleksandr Potebnja Professor of Ukrainian Philology, Harvard University.
2 cassettes

6 October 1997.
"Between Europe and Asia: The Geography of Russian National Identity."
(Co-sponsored by the Davis Center for Russian Studies)
Mark Bassin, Lecturer in Geography, University College, London.
2 cassettes

20 October 1997.
"Ethno-linguistic and Religious Pluralism and Democratic Construction in Ukraine."
Jose Casanova, Associate Professor of Sociology, New School for Social Research.
1 cassette

27 October 1997.
"US-Ukraine Relations and the Nuclear Weapons Issue."
Nadia Schadlow, Program Officer, Smith Richardson Foundation, and Former Desk Officer for Ukraine (1992-96), Office of the Secretary of Defense.
1 cassette

3 November 1997.
"Indigenous Constants and Stylistic Variants in Ukrainian Architecture."
Radoslav Zuk, Professor of Architecture, McGill University.
2 cassettes

10 November 1997.
"Stalinism in Ukraine: The Mechanisms of Repression (1920Õs-1930Õs) and of Rehabilitation (1980Õs-1990Õs)"
Yuri Shapoval, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Ukrainian Archeography.
Volodymyr Prystaiko, Deputy Director, Ukrainian Security Service.
2 cassettes

17 November 1997.
"The End of ÔLiterary UkraineÕ: Observations of a Practitioner on the Current State of Ukrainian Literature."
Volodymyr Dibrova, Fellow, Ukrainian Research Institute.
1 cassette

24 November 1997.
"Ukraine and the Dissolution of the Soviet Ukraine."
Henry Hale, Assistant Professor of International Politics, Fletcher School of Diplomacy.
1 cassette

1 December 1997.
"From Hyperinflation to Stabilization in Ukraine, 1991-96."
Robert S. Kravchuk, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Connecticut.
2 cassettes

8 December 1997.
"Traditionalism and Current Trends in the Development of Ukrainian Museums."
Svitlana Marinova, Professor of Museum Studies, Kyiv University of Culture, and IREX Fellow, Center for Museum Studies,
Smithsonian Institution.
1 cassette

2 February 1998.
"What Do Yale University, Joseph Smith, Freemasons and The IhorÕ Tale Have in Common?"
Edward L. Keenan, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of History, Harvard University.
1 cassette.

9 February 1998.
"Ukraine and the 1968 Soviet-Czechoslovak Crisis."
Mark Kramer, Senior Associate, Davis Center for Russian Studies, and Director, Harvard Project on Cold War Studies.
1 cassette

23 February 1998.
"Ruthenian Translations from Hebrew in the 15th Century: Why and for Whom?"
Moshe Taube, Associate Professor of Linguistics and of Slavic Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
2 cassettes

2 March 1998.
"The Cossack Gold: A Microhistory of the Ukrainian National Myth in the 1990s."
Serhy Yekelchyk, PhD Candidate, Department of History and Classics, University of Alberta.
2 cassettes

9 March 1998.
"Ethnic Reidentification in Ukraine since Independence."
Stephen Rapawy, Adjunct Professor of Political Science, George Washington University, and Demographer, US Bureau of the Census (ret.)
1 cassette

16 March 1998.
"Belarus, Ukraine, and the Future of the CIS."
Margarita Balmaceda, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Toledo, and Associate, Ukrainian Research Institute.
1 cassette

30 March 1998.
"The Ukrainian Background of Patriarch NikonÕs Reforms."
Olga Strakhova, Division of Continuing Education, Harvard University.
1 cassette

6 April 1998.
"The Establishment of Tax Administration and the Development of Tax Legislation in Ukraine."
Yuri Sokol, Research Fellow, Harvard Law School, and Former Program Manager, US Treasury Tax Advisory Program in Ukraine.
2 cassettes

13 April 1998.
"Ukraine and Germany: Toward a New Partnership?"
Angela Stent, Associate Professor Government, Georgetown University.
2 cassettes

20 April 1998.
"The Future of Ukrainian Foreign Policy."
Paul DÕAnieri, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Kansas.
2 cassettes

27 April 1998.
"Where and When Was the Legend of Nestor the Chronicler Born?"
Oleksiy Tolochko, Senior Research Associate, Institute of Ukrainian History, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and Fulbright Visiting Scholar, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
2 cassettes

4 May 1998.
"Ukrainian Independence and Ukrainian Jewry: 1991-1997."
Yohanan Petrovsky, Ph.D. Candidate, Department of History, Brandeis University.
2 cassettes

Special Events

4 December 1997.
Conference: "LÕviv, Lw—w, Lemberg: The Ethnic-Cultural Transformation of the City."
Center for European Studies. Co-sponsored by Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard University (the Study Group for Politics and Culture in Central Europe and the Study Group for Jews in Modern Europe)

"Urban-Ethnic History and Architecture in Contemporary LÕviv."
Ihor Zhuk, editor of the LÕviv Architectural Atlas.

"The Polish Opera and the Ukrainian Theater in LÕviv: A Competition of Identities."
Hugo Lane, University of Michigan.

"The Changing Ethnic Composition of LÕviv."
Phillip Ther, Freie UniversitŠt Berlin and Center for European Studies, Harvard University.

"Research and Resources on Jewish Culture and Society in LÕviv: A Polish View."
Waclaw Wierzbieniec, Pedagogical University in Rzesz—w, Poland.

"The Reception of LÕviv in Austrian, Ukrainian, and Polish Literature."
Alois Woldan, University of Salzburg.

"Two Myths of One City: The Polish and Ukrainian Perceptions of LÕviv in the 19th and 20th Centuries."
George G. Grabowicz, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.

12 March 1998.
"Independent Ukraine in the World Arena: Prospects for the Republic and Implications for Studies" (Petryshyn Memorial Lecture)
John Armstrong, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

3 April 1998.
Literary Evening.
Oleh Lysheha, Poet, scholar and translator.
James Brasfield, Pennsylvania State University.