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Seminar in Ukrainian Studies

28 September 1998.
"Science and the Scientist in Ukraine Today: Some Personal and Theoretical Observations."
Vitaliy Shelest, Corresponding Member, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
1 cassette

5 October 1998.
"UkraineÕs Relations with the Middle East, 1991-98."
Oles Smolansky, University Professor, Department of International Relations, Lehigh University.
1 cassette

19 October 1998.
"The Question of Russo-Ukrainian Unity and Ukrainian Distinctiveness in Early Modern Ukrainian Thought and Culture."
Zenon Kohut, Director, Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies, and Visiting Professor of History, Yale University.
1 cassette

26 October 1998.
"Building the Diplomatic Infrastructure of Ukraine: 1991-98."
Natalia Zarudna, Counselor, Embassy of Ukraine, Washington DC.
1 cassette

2 November 1998.
"Jews, Poles and Ukrainians in the Revolution of 1848 in Galicia."
Antony Polonsky, Walter Stern Hilborn Professor of Judaic and Social Studies, Brandeis University.
1 cassette

9 November 1998.
"The Roman Complex Reversed: Ivan KotliarevskyiÕs Eneida as a National Narrative."
Tamara Hundorova, Principal Research Fellow, Institute of Literature, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and Visiting Scholar, Harriman Institute, Columbia University.
1 cassette

16 November 1998.
"Tangled Lives: Women in the Ukrainian Underground, 1944-48."
Jeffrey Burds, Assistant Professor of Russian and Soviet History, Northeastern University.
1 cassette

23 November 1998.
"Implementing Anti-Corruption Reform in Ukraine: Progress and Obstacles."
Geoff Dubrow, Consultant, World Bank.

30 November 1998.
Roundtable discussion: "Student Perspectives on Life and Research in Ukraine."

7 December 1998.
Borys Gudziak, Director, Institute of Church History, and Vice Rector, Theological Academy, Lviv, Ukraine.

8 February 1999.
"Religion in Ukraine: Emerging from the Underground."
William G. Miller, Public Policy Scholar, Woodrow Wilson Center, and former Ambassador of the United States to Ukraine. 1 cassette

22 February 1999.
"Did LesÕ Kurbas Stage King Lear in Moscow? Unraveling the Mystery of the Kurbas and Solomon Mikhoels Production."
Natalia Chechel, Associate Professor, Karpenko-Karyi Institute of Theater Arts, Kyiv, and Fulbright Scholar, Columbia University.
1 cassette

1 March 1999.
"Ukrainian-Polish Relations since 1989: Past Conflict and Present Peace."
Timothy Snyder, Academy Scholar, Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.
1 cassette

8 March 1999.
"Ukraine-Watching at the State Department: An AnalystÕs Perspective."
Gene Fishel, Foreign Affairs-Analyst, U.S. Department of State, and Mid-Career Fellow, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
2 cassettes (confidential)

15 March 1999.
"The Architectural Development of Lviv and Kyiv: Metropolises between East and West."
Ihor Zhuk, Editor-in-Chief, "Atlas of Architectural History of Lviv," and Visiting Scholar, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.

22 March 1999.
"Grappling with the Hero: Hrushevskyi Confronts Khmelnytskyi."
Frank Sysyn, Director, Peter Jacyk Centre for Ukrainian Historical Research, and Visiting Professor of History, Columbia University.
2 cassettes

5 April 1999.
"Milena Rudnytska: Women as a Political Force in Interwar Galicia."
Martha Bohachevsky Chomiak, Senior Program Officer, National Endowment for Humanities, and Professorial Lecturer in History, George Washington University.
1 cassette

12 April 1999.
"Polish-Ukrainian-Jewish Stereotypes in the Eyes of a Polish Child, Polish Journalist, Canadian Journalist."
Jerzy Jastrzebowski, Producer, "World Report," CBC National Radio News.
2 cassettes

19 April 1999.
"State Building and the Political Economy of Intergovernmental Finance in Post-Soviet Ukraine."
Lucan Way, Consultant, World Bank.
1 cassette

26 April 1999.
"Problems of Dating and Locating Medieval Slavic Translations."
Tomas Rosˇn, PhD in Slavic Philology, University of Uppsala, and Visiting Scholar, Ukrainian Research Institute, Harvard University.
1 cassette

Occasional lectures

27 April 1999.
"Nationalism in Late Soviet and Independent Ukraine."
Volodymyr Kulyk, Research Fellow, Institute of Political and Ethno-National Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.
1 cassette

3 May 1999.
"RusÕ Subjects of the Ottoman Sultan."
Oleksandr Halenko, Deputy Director, Krymskyi Institute of Oriental Studies, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. 1 cassette

Special events

7-8 November 1998.
Roundtable of emerging Ukrainian-American writers.

7 April 1999.
"Contemporary Ukrainian Literature and Its Readers: A Mutual Longing for Recognition" (Petryshyn Memorial Lecture). Maria Zubrytska, Associate Professor of Ukrainian Literature and Literary Theory, Lviv Franko University.
1 cassette