Many people assisted in organizing this exhibition of rare Ucrainica. The Ukrainian Research Institute is especially grateful to the following individuals who along with their library staff either provided advice or assisted in the retrieval of material: Roger E. Stoddard, Mariana Oller, Anne Anninger, and the Reading Room Staff at Houghton Library; Fredric Woodbridge Wilson and Annette Fern at the Harvard Theatre Collection; David Warrington, David Jenkins and Dorothy Africa at the Law School Library; L. Charles Willard at the Andover-Harvard Theological Library; Grazyna Slanda and Anna Koff Arthur of the Slavic Division, Widener Library. A number of Institute faculty, staff, students and visiting scholars are also to be thanked for their intellectual or technical assistance. They include: James Clem, Robert DeLossa, Volodymyr Dibrova, Albert Diverse, Michael Flier, George Grabowicz, Lubomyr Hajda, Mary Rutkowski, Roman Szporluk, and Oleksiy Tolochko. A final thank you goes out to Petro Jacyk who made the overall organization of this exhibition possible.

Of course, the development of the Ukrainian collection at the Harvard University Library could not have taken place without the hundreds, if not thousands, of generous gifts from individual donors and the many endowed book funds established by private individuals. Their immeasurable contribution to Ukrainian studies is much appreciated. They have helped build the largest Ukrainian collection outside Eastern Europe in the largest university library in the world.

Ksenya Kiebuzinski
Jacyk Bibliographer,
Ukrainian Research Institute

Ukrainian Research Institute Endowments

The Ukrainian Research Institute at Harvard is the beneficiary of an extraordinary fundraising campaign within the Ukrainian-American community. Over 300 cities were canvassed, with many of the collected contributions ranging from $1 to $100; together, however, these generous donations were sufficient not only to fund three professorships at Harvard, but the Ukrainian Research Institute, scholarships in other academic departments, and the Ucrainica collections at Harvard University Library.

On the occasion of its twenty-fifth anniversary, the Ukrainian Research Institute would like to thank all of those who have contributed to the Ukrainian Studies program at Harvard. In particular, those patrons who have established endowment funds at the Institute are recognized below. The words of then Harvard President Derek Bok in 1973 still hold true today:

“We are proud to have been selected as the university to carry on the scholarly traditions of Ukraine in this country. We are touched by the broad support that members of the Ukrainian community have given to this undertaking. We take this support as a mandate to do our best to foster learning and scholarship relating to the language, literature and history of Ukraine.”

Walter Bacad Endowment Fund (1990)
Bohodar J. Badan MD Fund (1984)
Bilaniuk Family Endowment (1988)
Wasyl Braznyk Ukrainian Book Fund (1981)
Maria and Nestor Chodnowsky Ukrainian Fund (1994)
Walter Denys Ukrainian Book Fund (1985)
Paul Dobriansky Ukrainian Book Fund (1986)
Jaroslaw and Olha Duzey Publication Fund in Ukrainian Studies (1980)
Dr. Ihor A. and Jennie Galarnyk Ukrainian Book Fund (1985)
Gelemey Publication Fund in Ukrainian Studies (1993)
Paul and Maria Harmaty Ukrainian Book Fund (1988)
Orest Hladky, Master of Architecture, and Maria Lubomyra Kohutiak Hladky Ukrainian Fund (1995)
Roman Holod Ukrainian Book Fund (1986)
Mykola Hromnycky Ukrainian Book Fund (1989)
Petro Jacyk Endowment Fund in UkrainianBibliography (1979)
Theodore Jurewycz Bequest (1991)
Vladimir Jurkowsky Publication Fund in Ukrainian Studies (1974)
John and Ksenia Kalmuk Ukrainian Book Fund (1988)
Myroslav and Irene Koltuniuk Publication Fund (1984)
Damian Korduba Family Fund in Ukrainian Studies (1992)
Peter and Emily Kulyk Publication Fund in Ukrainian Studies (1990)
Irena Lubchak Bequest (1983)
The Michael and Alexandra Lysyj Fund in Ukrainian Studies (1994)
Maksymiw Ukrainian Research Institute Fund (1989)
Michael Maksymiw Bequest (1986)
Dr. Jaroslaw and Nadia Mihaychuk Fellowship Fund (1981)
The Osyp Nowycky Fund (1983)
Dr. Evhen Omelsky Publication Fund in Ukrainian Studies (1976)
Luba Palashewsky Ukrainian Book Fund (1981)
Ivan and Olenana Panczak Ukrainian Book Fund (1991)
Vasyl and Maria Petryshyn Memorial Lecture Fund (1991)
Daria Pisecka Ukrainian Book Fund (1983)
Michael Pleshkan Ukrainian Book Fund (1981)
Nicholas and Irene Rakush Ukrainian Book Fund (1990)
Wasyl Rostun Ukrainian Publication Fund (1993)
Dan M. Sanchuk Fund for Support of the Ukrainian Collection (1983)
Theodore and Tekla Sarachman Book Fund (1983)
Paul Sawka Bequest (1988)
Alexander and Zenia Serafyn Family Fund for Ukrainian Studies (1990)
Brothers Iwan and Wolodymyr Smigurowskyj Fund (1991)
Iwan and Tetiana Stelmach Ukrainian Book Fund (1981)
Vasyl Stus Ukrainian Book Fund (1987)
Omelian Suchowerskyj Ukrainian Book Fund (1985)
Ukrainian National Home Corporation of Blackstone Massachusetts Ukrainian Summer Institute Fund (1996)
Ukrainian Research Institute Fund (1973)
Ukrainian Summer Institute Fund (1993)
Ukrainian Studies Chair Fund (1968)
Ukrainian Studies Endowed Fellowship (1983)
Makar Uzwij Ukrainian Book Fund (1987)
Dr. Stefan and Olena Wojtowycz Fund (1989)
Dr. Omeljan and Iryna Wolynec Publication Fund in Ukrainian Studies (1985)
Alex Woskob Family Foundation Endowment (1978)
Peter and Lidia Yaciw Ukrainian Fund (1989)
Thomas Yarema Ukrainian Book Fund (1988)
Dmytro Cyzevskyj Professorship of Ukrainian Literature (1968)
Mykhailo S Hrushevskyi Professorship of Ukrainian History (1968)
Oleksandr Potebnja Professorship of Ukrainian Philology (1968)

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