Pre-Seventeenth Century

Historical Summary

1. Bibli, sirech', Knigy Vetkhago i Novago Zaveta
(The Bible, that is the Books of the Old and New Testament)
Ostrih: Ivan Fedorovych, 1580-81.

The Ostrih Bible is the first full edition of the Bible to be printed in Church Slavonic.

A gift of Bayard L. Kilgour, Jr., 1951.

2. Early Slavonic Psalter (southern Rus')
Second half of 12th century.

Written in Rus' Church Slavonic by a single scribe, this Psalter, one of a very small group of surviving early decorated Russian Psalters, is the oldest Slavic manuscript in the United States. It contains the simple Psalter text from Psalm 23:6 to the heading of Psalm 143 with lacunae caused by the removal of about 25 leaves. On vellum with initials in gold and colors, predominately Byzantine in style.

Gift of Philip Hofer, from H. P. Kraus, 1954.

3. Apostol v neyzhe diianiia apostol'skaia, y poslaniia s'bornaia, y poslaniia sviataho apostola Pavla (The Apostle, in which are the Acts of the Apostles, and the General Epistles, and the Epistles of the Holy Apostle Paul) L'viv: Ivan Fedorovych, 25 February 1573-15 February 1574.

This second edition of the Apostol printed by Ivan Fedorovych (ca. 1525-1583), which he published initially in Moscow in 1563-1564, vies with his Primer for the honor of being the earliest Ukrainian Cyrillic imprint.

A gift of Bayard L. Kilgour, Jr., 1951.

4. Kniha izhe v sviatykh ottsa nasheho Vasilia Velikaho, Arkhyiepyskopa Kesaria Kappadokiiskiia (The Book of our Holy Father Basil the Great, Archbishop of Caesaraea in Cappadocia) Ostrih: [anonymous printers], 3 March 7102=1594.

The Book of St. Basil was published by the Ostrih Press. Overall the Press issued some 30 titles and functioned until 1612.

Gift of Dr. and Mrs. Ihor Galarnyk, Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Zapuchlak, Mr. and Mrs. Osyp Zapuchlak, and the Ukrainian Studies Fund, November-December 1975. From the Library of Sergei Diaghilev and Sergei Lifar.