BSS - International Basis Safety Standards for Protection Against Ionizing Radiation and for the Safety of Radiation Sources
CEC - Commission of European Communities
EC - European Community
ECE - Economic Council for Europe
FAO - Food and Agriculture Organization
IAEA - International Atomic Energy Agency
ICRP - International Commission on Radiological Protection
ICRP - International Commission on Radiological Protection
ILO - International Labor Office
IMF - International Monetary Fund
IMO - International Maritime Organization
INIS - the IAEA's International Nuclear Information System
NEA - Nuclear Energy Agency of the OECD
NPP- Nuclear Power Plant
NUSS - Nuclear Safety Standards
OECD - Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OSART - the IAEA's Operational Safety Review Team Program
PAHO - Pan American Health Organization
PSA - Probabalistic Safety Assessment
RADWASS - Radioactive Wastes Safety Standards
SDR - Special Drawing Rights of the IMF
SOLAS - International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea
TMI - Three Mile Island
UN - United Nations
UNDHA - United Nations Department of Humanitarian Affairs
UNEP - United Nations Environmental Program
UNESCO - United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNSCEAR - United Nations Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation
USD - US dollar
WANO - World Association of Nuclear Operators
WHO - World Health Organization

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