Examples of Actual Customized Workshops

Computer Specialists and a "Training of Trainers" Program (Ukraine). Since the participants were interested in learning how to train others, Sabre designed a "Training of Trainers" module. Sabre provided the hands-on training and then arranged for the specialists to apply their new skills by teaching a group of Harvard Ukrainian summer school students. Specialized courses at Boston University were incorporated into the program. Site visits included meetings at Harvard University, MIT and Bentley College. The America House in Kiev, Ukraine, sponsored the trainees.

The "Training of Trainers" program briefly described here was designed to make individuals engaged in the training of others more competent trainers themselves. Sabre has developed a module, which includes demonstrations, site visits, and plenty of hands-on practice time for developing instructional and presentation materials.

Medical Professionals (Croatia and Slovenia). Sabre designed a two-week session that trained three professionals in the utilization of information technologies and supported Sabre's earlier delivery of medical books and CD-ROMs to Croatia. Site visits in the Boston area reinforced the possible applications of information technology to the medical field.

Government Official (China). In response to this official's interests, the training session addressed Internet resources in the field of strategic studies, and the use of Chinese character fonts. Due to the trainee's time constraints, Sabre designed this session to last one afternoon, and provided materials for further study.

Academic professionals (Czech Republic). The participants' special interests in electronic document delivery led Sabre to design a session focused on this aspect of technology. General library management techniques, advanced HTML and World Wide Web site administration were especially applicable to the participants' professions in the Czech Republic.

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