7#&5""####<###$$"$5$5$x#%m %%*&#%%$%%&2%%%%%%SABRE FOUNDATION, INC. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Library and Information Technology Services telephone 617/868-3510 872 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 2-1 fax 617/868-7916 Cambridge, MA 02139 e-mail sabre@sabre.org Information Technology Seminars Application for Training Applicant Information: Please send vita with application. Name (as it appears on your passport): ____________________________________________ Professional Position: ____________________________________________________ Institution: ______________________________________________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________ Phone/Fax #: ___________________________________________________________ Country: _____________________ E-mail: __________________________________ Level of English Speaking and Listening Ability: Beginner Intermediate Advanced Fluent Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy): _________________________________________________ Passport #: _______________________ Citizenship: __________________________ Contact in case of emergency: ______________________________________________ Phone # : ______________________________________________________________ Sponsor Information: Name of Sponsoring Agency: _______________________________________________ Contact: ___________________________ Phone #: ___________________________ Address: _______________________________________________________________ Logistics: Accommodation Assistance Required? (Sabre is usually not able to assist with monies for accommodations, however we can assist in securing lodging for trainees.) Pick-up at Train/Bus Station, Airport Required? If yes, when and where? Pre-Training Assessment Please describe your professional responsibilities: Computer/Internet Experience: 1. Which computer operating system(s) are you familiar with (select all that apply): UNIX Windows 3.x Windows95 Macintosh Other: __________________ (please specify) 2. What types of applications do you use on a daily or weekly basis? Spreadsheet (i.e.Lotus, Excel, Claris) Word Processing (i.e.Word, WordPerfect) Which? ______________________ Which? ______________________ Database (i.e. FileMaker, FoxPro) Desktop Publishing (i.e. PageMaker) Which?______________________ Which?______________________ Graphics (i.e. PhotoShop, Illustrator) Other (please specify) Which?______________________ ____________________________ 3. Which Internet tools do you use on a daily/weekly basis? E-mail Usenet News Telnet File Transfer Protocol World Wide Web Other (please specify) _________________________________________ 4. Have you used any commercial on-line (or CD-ROM based) databases? (i.e. Dialog, LEXIS/NEXIS, Silverplatter, Wilson) Please specify. 5. What operating system do you prefer for Internet training? UNIX Windows95 No Preference 6. Describe access to computer/Internet facilities at your place of work or home. 7. Do you require a translator? Training Options 8. Dates and length of training requested: From: _______________________ To: _________________________ Full or half day(s)? ____________ Directions for Completing the Training Options Section: Please check all the topics of which you have some knowledge. ____ Using E-mail ____ Web Publishing Issues ____ Netiquette ____ HTML (HyperText Markup Language) ____ Internet and UNIX ____ Website Design ____ File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Basics ____ Metadata and the Web ____ Viruses and the Internet ____ Research and the Internet ____ Telnet Basics ____ Push Technology ____ Usenet Newsgroups ____ Understanding File Formats ____ Electronic Discussion Lists ____ Beginning CGI/Perl Scripting ____ Locating Individuals and Organizations ____ Commercial Database Providers on the Web ____ Exploring Web Search Engines ____ Electronic Document Delivery ____ Viewing non-Latin Fonts on the Internet ____ Distance Learning ____ Evaluating Information on the Internet ____ Electronic Commerce ____ Internet Relay Chat ____ Internet in a Library Setting 9. Are you interested in another particular subject focus? (For example, Libraries and Information Technology.) 10. Are you interested in site visits in the Boston area to complement your training? (Please note that because of possible scheduling difficulties, not all professional/site visits can be guaranteed.) 11. Please generally describe in the space below what you hope to gain from the training seminars and how you plan to use the training when you return home. 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