General Training Information

Scheduling for Workshops

Sabre is usually able to hold Workshops at the request of trainees, and the duration is flexible to meet the needs of participants. Occasionally, Sabre holds Workshops focusing on special fields of interest, e.g. "Internet Technologies for Journalists." Announcements of such specialty Workshops can be found on Sabre's website and development-related electronic discussion lists.


Sabre accepts participants who have basic to advanced computer skills. The training is available to individuals from developing countries who are visiting the U.S. for professional or academic purposes. For those not comfortable with instruction in English, Sabre can arrange for translators.

Orientation and Support

Sabre staff is experienced in organizing programs for international visitors. Although room and board costs are the responsibility of the participant, Sabre can assist with securing accommodations. Sabre's follow-on services include the donation of appropriate technical books. In countries where Sabre has an ongoing book donation program, these donations can be sizable.


Sabre provides the Workshops for no charge through December 1999 to participants from countries in transition. Other organizations and individuals are welcome to apply on a fee basis. Beginning in the year 2000, a fee of $300 per day per individual will be charged. Please contact for information about special rates for groups. Travel and room and board costs are the responsibility of the participant or sponsor.


Sabre's training lab includes networked Pentium II computers linked to the Internet via a dedicated leased line, allowing for quick response time from the Internet. A large-screen display provides easy viewing of the trainer's demonstrations.

Organizations and individuals that do not meet the guidelines aforementioned, are welcome to contact Sabre for information regarding training on a fee-for-service basis. As scheduling permits, Sabre may be able to accommodate these training requests.

Application and More Information

You may obtain an On-line application for Sabre's workshops. Inquiries can be addressed to Kimberly Bartlett at

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