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Information Technology Workshops

U. S. - Based Training

The Information Technology Workshops contribute to the Foundation's mission to increase an individual's access to information resources.

As a result of its work in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, Africa and Asia, Sabre is aware of the unique challenges facing countries in transition. Sabre's IT Workshops assist participants from these countries to take advantage of electronic communication and information tools.

Participants at different levels of technical experience, from countries as geographically diverse as Kenya, Mongolia and Ukraine have benefited from Sabre's customized training programs. Sabre has conducted both group and individual programs, ranging from half a day to three weeks in duration. It caters to the needs of scholars, librarians, teachers, trainers, government officials, and personnel of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Sabre helps individuals build and apply their IT skills.

The Training Advantage

Regardless of their field, exchange visitors to the U.S. have found it useful to include a Boston stop to hone their IT skills. Trainees often come to Sabre on their own or as part of a larger U.S.-based training program.

Customized Training

Training programs are customized to the level, interests, and needs of each trainee. Particular attention is given to the hand-out materials and the technological level of the participant's home country and organization. Basic to advanced level topics are all within Sabre's capabilities. Briefings on issues of special interest to NGOs are included upon request.

Site Visits

In addition to receiving high quality "hands-on" instruction, trainees have opportunities to see the application of technology in a democratic and market-based society through site visits. The Foundation arranges visits for its trainees with colleagues in the Boston metropolitan area, one of the world's great centers both for traditional scholarship and new information technologies.

Central Location

Sabre's trainers work from a fully equipped computer lab in Central Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts, within walking distance from both Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Major Boston medical, governmental, scholarly, and financial institutions are only a few minutes from Sabre by public transportation.

The hallmark of Sabre's training workshops is the customized approach. The workshops are designed based on the background and goals of the trainee. Workshops can last from one day to 3 weeks. The content of the demonstrations and the hands-on training exercises are designed to be directly applicable to the trainee's interests.