Overview of Current Sabre Foundation Projects

Sabre Foundation, Inc. specializes in providing college, secondary and elementary level educational materials to institutions and individuals in Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and selected countries in other regions of the world. Sabre Foundation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization registered as a Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) with the U.S. Agency for International Development (AID).

Since 1986, Sabre has donated more than two million new books and journals through its on-going programs in Belarus, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kazakstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Russian Federation, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. Sabre programs are also currently being established in Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ghana, Grenada, Romania, South Africa, the West Bank and Gaza and for Tibetan schools in India. In addition, Sabre has worked both independently and with other organizations to send books to Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cuba, former East Germany, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Georgia, Kenya, Nepal, People's Republic of China, Romania, Slovenia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uganda, and in cooperation with the Peace Corps, to twenty countries in Africa and Asia.

Scholars, students, scientists, researchers, medical professionals, lawmakers and fledgling entrepreneurs are among the beneficiaries of Sabre shipments. More than 200 American and European publishers have contributed new texts in areas such as business and economics; English language and literature; science and engineering; computer science; medicine, nursing, and health care; law and government; and political and social science. Sabre also administers a program for purchase of books and journal subscriptions at reduced cost and places private libraries and special collections with institutions abroad.

In each country where Sabre is active, a designated non-profit partner organization administers the program. Partners select titles and quantities of books they wish to receive from inventory lists provided by Sabre. The books and journals are then packed at Sabre's warehouse and sent in ocean freight containers (holding approximately 20,000 books). Partners are responsible for identifying recipient institutions nationwide. Established programs receive from one to three containers per year, depending on the size of the program and the availability of funding.

Sabre's innovative "Library and Information Technology Services" (LITS) include a pilot document delivery service in collaboration with the Prague Institute of Advanced Studies; a feasibility study of preservation of archival materials by means of low-cost and portable digital camera/CD-ROM; and Internet trainings programs with a focus on "training of trainers," World Wide Web "Homepage" development and accessing legal materials on the Internet and other on-line services. Training sessions are conducted at Sabre's Cambridge office and, as funding permits, at sites overseas.

For recent news about Sabre's book donation programs, see the latest "Book Donation Programs -- Activities Update".

Information on current Library and Information Technology Services projects can be found in the "LITS -- Activities Update" page.

For more information contact:
Tania Vitvitsky
Project Director

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