Since its inception, over 200 publishers have participated in Sabre's Book Donation Program. From thousands of titles offered by publishers throughout the year, Sabre carefully chooses only the materials likely to interest its constituencies abroad. These include educational and professional materials across a range of levels, subjects and formats: textbooks, reference works, scholarly monographs, audio and videocassettes, and CD-ROMs all form part of Sabre's inventory. Sabre also receives academic monographs from university presses (especially in the humanities and social sciences) and gratefully acknowledges the support of the Association of American University Presses.



Sabre's book programs are managed within each recipient country by a local NGO partners with links to libraries, schools, universities, and medical and research institutions. Many of these partnerships have been in operation for well over a decade. Partner responsibilities include attending to customs clearance, the logistics of storage and distribution, and the tracking from local warehousing facilities to the generation of reports from the end-user. New partners are added each year (subject to meeting certain requirements) as Sabre expands its programs worldwide.

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How the program works

three_at_table Sabre works closely with its network of indigenous partner organizations in identifying and helping to meet the educational needs of developing and transitional countries. An "offering list" of available inventory is sent to the partner organization via e-mail, and the partner responds with exact details of the titles and number of volumes requested, as per the needs of its network of recipient institutions. (Alternatively, partners may request Sabre's Book Program Manager to make the selection, guided by stated priorities in terms of subject and educational level). A "pull list" is then generated at the Sabre office and sent to the Sabre warehouse. Shipments are prepared by the Sabre warehouse staff, who collate, pack and ship the books. Quantities shipped overseas typically range between 50 - 500 copies per title per country (determined by the partner organization); smaller quantities of library and reference materials are available. For appropriate titles, enough copies are provided for classroom use.