Book Donations

schoolchildrenSabre's Book Donation Program is highly valued by overseas non-governmental organizations (NGOs). What makes Sabre's approach so distinctive is that beneficiaries are regarded as clients with limited resources.

There are four key tenets to Sabre's book donation philosophy:

  • Partners appreciate Sabre's steadfast adherence to the policy that, when it comes to the educational needs of developing and transitional countries, indigenous organizations know best.
  • When it comes to Sabre's choosing which books to accept as donations from publishers, Sabre's rule-of-thumb is that something which is of no value in the U.S. is usually equally valueless overseas.
  • Sabre's book program is demand-driven. Partners select books and CD-ROMs from detailed inventory lists. Only titles and quantities specifically requested are shipped by Sabre.
  • Sabre is committed to promoting and encouraging indigenous publishing.